• The Story of Transport (Walk, cycle, carpool. Harness the power of smart, green travel!)
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The Story of Transport (Walk, cycle, carpool. Harness the power of smart, green travel!)

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Product Specifications

Publisher TERI Press
ISBN 9788179935095
Author: Benita Sen
Print Enabled 15%
Number of Pages 28
Available Available in all digital devices
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Today, we can travel across the world in very short periods of time through fast-moving vehicles. It was not
possible a few decades ago. But have you ever wondered how this became possible? The Story of Transport takes
you on a journey, spanning the invention of wheel to modern-day marvels of speed. It also makes you aware that
although vehicles have contributed to humankind‛s progress, their overuse is polluting the environment. Indeed,
they are contributing to global warming and suffocating our planet. So get, set, go, and find some fast, green
ways for futuristic travel!

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About the author

A journalist and children‛s author, Benita Sen has written several books – fiction and non-fiction – for
children and young people. A couple of her stories have been included in English textbooks by a leading
publisher. And some of her stories have earned recommendations internationally. Her fact book on Polar
Creatures has been recommended by a university in North America as an excellent source for individual reading
and research, and her story Yakity Yak was selected for the Fifth Nami Island International Children's Book
Festival in Korea in 2010. Also, her stories find a place in compilations of well-known organizations like
Association of Writers and Illustrators and National Foundation for Communal Harmony.

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