The Realm of Industrial Biotechnology

The Realm of Industrial Biotechnology The Realm of Industrial Biotechnology Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Asia Tech Publications
ISBN: 9788187680024

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in this book. A fter a brief introduction about the concept of biotechnology and the importance of micro-organisms
A c k n o w le d g e m e n t s
in industry, a glimpse has been made on the im portant products and processes of industrial biotechnology.These include pharmaceuticals, steroids, vitamins and amino ac ids, proteins made from genetically engineered bacteria, industrial chemicals and enzymes, beverages and food, biopesticides, biopolymers, biosensors, biotransformations, biochips, molecular farming, control of biodeterioration, oil spill degradation, bioleaching, bioenergy and textile pro duction. I hope that its readers, especially the young students, will find the book useful. A p ril 2000
Ashok Pandey
A ckn o w led g em en ts
I take this opportunity to express my gratitude and ap preciation for my teachers, mentors and friends, particu larly to Dr. K. P Tiwari, Sri S. K. Tiwari, Jeannie Scriven, . Jean-Marie Meyer, Emmanuel M. Papamichael, Carlos R. Soccol and Sevastianos Roussos who rendered advice and support in the mix of my professional and personal life. I am greatly enriched and influenced by their thoughts and learning.To my mother, Late Mrs. Heera Devi Pandey and father, Sri Amarnath Pandey, and to all these persons I am deeply grateful, for w ithout them I would not have come to be as am today. Let me take this opportunity to w rite in appreciation of my wife, Sushama, who has been extremely helpful and co-operative in sustaining me through the challenges of my professional career. And not to forget our children, Rahul and Neha who deserve my best appreciation for their patience and understanding for my poor ability to provide much needed time to them as per their need and desire. Rahul, through his young and bright wisdom has always been very helpful, in his own way and capacity to keep me in proper perspective of professional strivings. And Neha kept me refreshed in tiring moments by her jolly talks, dance, laughter and anger. A t a different level I am particularly indebted to Dr. Vijay Nair. Since my first meeting w ith him, he has