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The Information Technology Act, 2000

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Publisher ICSI
Number of Pages 35
Available in all digital devices
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f specifying the contents of written, printed or visual materials and advertisements that may be distributed or used in respect of a Digital Signature Certificate and the public key g specifying the form and content of a Digital Signature Certificate and the key, h specifying the form and manner in which accounts shall be maintained by the Certifying Authorities i specifying the terms and conditions subject to which auditors may be appointed and the remuneration to be paid to them j facilitating the establishment of any electronic system by a Certifying Authority either solely or jointly with other Certifying Authorities and regulation of such systems k specifying the manner in which the Certifying Authorities shall conduct their dealings with the subscribers l resolving any conflict of interests between the Certifying Authorities and the subscribers m laying down the duties of the Certifying Authorities n maintaining a data base containing the disclosure record of every Certifying Authority containing such particulars as may be specified by regulations, which shall be accessible to public. 19. Recognition of foreign Certifying Authorities. 1 Subject to such conditions and restrictions as may be specified by regulations, the Controller may with the previous approval of the Central Government, and by notification in the Official Gazette, recognise any foreign Certifying Authority as a Certifying Authority for the purposes of this Act. 2 Where any Certifying Authority is recognised under sub-section 1 , the Digital Signature Certificate issued by such Certifying Authority shall be valid for the purposes of this Act. 3 The Controller may, if he is satisfied that any Certifying Authority has contravened any of the conditions and restrictions subject to which it was granted recognition under subsection 1 he may, for reasons to be recorded in writing, by notification in the Official Gazette, revoke such recognition.
Controller to act as repository. The Controller shall be the repository of all Digital Signature Certificates issued under this Act. 2 The Controller shall a make use of hardware, software and procedures that are secure .iJm intrusion and misuse b observe such other standards as may be prescribed by the Central Government, to ensure that the secrecy and security of the digital signatures are assured. 3 The Controller shall maintain a computerised data base of all public keys in such a manner that such data base and the public keys are available to any member of the public. 20. 1
Licence to issue Digital Signature Certificates. Subject to the provisions of sub-section 2 , any person may make an application, to the Controller, for a licence to issue Digital Signature Certificates.

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