The Idea of Green Building

The Idea of Green Building
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The Idea of Green Building

ISBN: 9788174092564

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The Idea of Green Building by A.K. Jain
Book Summary:

The idea of green building is a creative process that links the built environment with the human health and comfort, water, energy, bio-diversity and other natural resources.The building design responds to the changing micro-climate and varying conditions of natural ventilation and light.

The design obviates outdoor and indoor pollution, avoids use of materials with high energy demand and makes best use of space. It provides for water conservation, rainwater harvesting, recycling of wastes, explores sources of renewable energy, and the use of intelligent and bionic systems.

This book attempts to address the quest for a green built environment by a systemic process of building design and urban planning. It provides an over arching spectrum of sustainability issues of the built environment ranging from building elements, resources and technology to its social and cultural dimensions. While addressing the practical concerns, it provides a roadmap for the futuristic design and development of green buildings.

Table of Contents:



*Materials and Resources

*Green building rating systems

*Building design for climate and thermal comfort

*Landscape and bio-diversity

*Water conservation and efficiency

*Energy conservation and efficiency

*Towards a safer built environment

*Environment impact assessment of building projects.

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