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PREFACE Teaching in the field o f Wildlife Management is not very old and can be to be said a new one branch in the Indian Universities. For perfect and progressive studies o f any field, teaching and research should run side by side. But before going, towards the research wing, the basic and fundamental knowledge o f the subject concerned is a must. For this purpose, it is a very progressive approach o f the Government o f India as well as the State Governments o f our country laying emphasis on opening branches o f Wildlife Management. Taking into consideration its importance, the Government o f India has set up Wildlife Institute o f India at Dehradun, which is a pioneer in the field o f its own kind. Presently, the subject is being taught in various technical universities including it as a core-subject o f forestry science and even independently. It is in progress day-by-day. It is very essential now-a-days to understand the im portant roles played by the wild animals. They are the integral part o f the ecosystem as a renewable natural resource involved in the maintenance offoodchains and food-webs, keeping ecological-balance in nature and providing hygienic conditions for the existence o f all organisms including human-beings. It is a challenging task for us to cause awareness among the majority o f the public, nay in each and every citizen o f the country in this respect so that wild animal species may be preserved, conserved and propagated scientifically and judiciously throughout the country. They should be managed not only upto optimum-density but the desired level beyond the carrying-capacity forgetting revenue by harvesting them. To achieve these objectives, teaching and research into the subject should be given top-priority and, hence, its inclusion in the syllabuses at various levels from school to the university will be very helpful in attaining the goal. Since, this is the new approach to this field particularly in teaching there is an acute shortage o f teaching materials and books that can serve the students' purposes as per their course-curricula. It is my feeling that students and teachers are facing difficulties as the materials are found hither and thither in a zigzag way. Such a thought actually inspired me to write this book so that the students
may g e t rid o f such problems. have tried my best, perhaps, and laboured a lot in covering alm ost all parts o f the course-curricula for both the undergraduate and postgraduate students o f the Indian Universities in the field o f Wildlife Management. Not only this, but to the best o f my effort, they have also been arranged chapterwise systematically in such a way that they are linked together so that the readers may grasp the subject matters in a lucid and smooth manner as believe in the thought that some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested". It has been written in simple language, as fa r as possible, for the purpose o f easy apprehension and understanding for each and every type o f students. It will be a m atter o f great pleasure, if the book becomes helpful in benefiting the students to enhance their knowledge, depth o f the subject and careerbuilding. am extremely grateful to my wife and sons who always inspired me for such a great, hard and difficult e ffo rt and provided enough