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4. Political effects Chronic and mass unemployment leads to widespread discontent, frustration and resentment against the existing socio economic system. Lawlessness spreads. Political leaders and anti social groups use these unemployed people to fulfill their own interests. As a result, unemployed people begin to think that the government is worthless which have failed to provide them work. Thus, unemployment is a dangerous problem from economic, social and political point of view. Q. Write a note on informalisation of workforce in India. 6 Marks Ans. In India, we find two types of labourers. On one hand, there are labourers who are poorly paid and fail to get regular work. And on the other hand, there are some labourers who are getting high wages and are regularly employed. For this we classify the workforce into two categories. i formal workers and ii informal workers. All those workers working in all public sector establishments and private sector establishments which employ 10 or more hired workers are treated as formal workers. All these establishments and workers taken together constitute the formal sector of the economy. All other establishments enterprises and workers form informal sector or unorganised sector of the economy. The unorganised sector includes millions of farmers and owners of small enterprises who do not have hired labour. There are about 397 million workers in the country. Out of them about 28 million workers i.e. 7 of the total employments are in the organised sector. Thus about 93 of the workers are in the informal sector. In 1994, the growth of informal sector employment was registered at 2.01 . There after the growth rate of employment in this sector declined to 1.02 during the period 1994 2000. Workers and enterprises in the informal sector do not get regular income. They do not have any protection or regulation from government. Workers are dismissed without any compensation. Technology used in the informal sector enterprises is outdated. The informal sector enterprises do not maintain any accounts. Workers of this sector live in slums. However, owing to the efforts of International Labour Organisation, Indian government has initiated in modernisation of informal sector enterprises and provision of social security measures to informal sector workers. Degree Results
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Instructions Attempt all questions from Section A and any four questions from Section B. The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets . SECTION A 40 Marks Question 1 a. Unemployment is related to poverty . Comment. 2 Ans. Poor people do not have enough resources for economic purpose e.g. a poor farmer cannot use the good variety of seeds and equipments. Therefore, he and his family members may remain unemployed. Due to poverty, they are not in a position to maintain efficiency and productivity. It is not possible for poor men to have proper education to improve their mental ability. Poverty encourages farmers to mortgage their land to moneylenders, which in the long run, increases unemployment. b. Mention the salient features of the unemployment situation in India. 2 Ans. Following are the salient features of the unemployment situation in India i The incidence of unemployment is much higher in urban areas than in rural areas. ii Unemployment rates for women are higher than those for men. iii Under employment is higher in case of women.