Sainik School Entrance Exam. For Admission in Class IX

Sainik School Entrance Exam. For Admission in Class IX

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Publisher Upkar Prakashan All School Entrance Exam books by Upkar Prakashan
ISBN 9788174820648
Author: Dr. Lal & Jain
Number of Pages 383
Available in all digital devices
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Sainik School Entrance Exam. For Admission in Class IX by Dr. Lal & Jain
Book Summary:

The present book for admissions to Sainik Schools has been divided into three sections –Mathematical Aptitude, Science, Social Science and English, each divided into number of chapters according to the syllabus of Sainik Schools’ Entrance Examination. Each section contains ample number of solved problems which have been designed according to the questions asked in the previous years’ Sainik Schools’ Entrance Examination. Each question has been solved in detail for comprehensive understanding of the concepts on which the questions are based. The Language Ability section deals with the basics of English language and comprehension in the form of exercises. Practice exercises have been given at the end of each chapter for chapterwise revision of the concepts. Hints and solutions to the practice exercises have also been given at the end of the practice exercises. Also last eight years’ Solved Papers of Class VI Sainik School Entrance Examination have been provided in the book to help students get an insight into the latest examination pattern and the types of questions asked therein.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful forSSC Exam SSC CGL, SSC CHSL ,SSC MTS.
Table of Contents:
Previous Year's Solved Papers
General Study
Section I (History)
    • Eighteenth Century India
    • Rise and Expansion of British Power
    • Administration, Economy & Society (1757-1856)
    • Anti-imperialist struggles and the Revolt of 1857
    • Administration Policy in Post 1857 Period
    • Economy & Economic Policy in Post 1857 Period
    • Social Reforms in 19th-20th Centuries
    • Education, Literature and Culture in 19th-20th Century
    • Rise of National and the Birth of Indian National Congress
    • Militant and Revolutionary Nationalism
    • Mahatma Gandhi and Non-cooperation Movement
    • From Non-cooperation to World War-II
    • From World War-II to Independence
    • Objective Questions
    • Very Short Questions
    • Short Questions
Section II (Geography)
    • Lithosphere and Land Forms
    • Land Forms through Gradation
    • Asia-Land, Climate and Vegetation
    • Asia-Natural Resources and its People
    • Our Closed Countries
    • Countries of Plantation Agriculture: Malaysia and Indonesia
    • Land of Maximum Concentration of Human Beings
    • Land of the Rising Sun
Part III
    • India
Section III (Civics)
Part-I (Our National Goals and Democracy)
    • Achieving our National Goals
    • Democracy and the Citizen
Part-II (Our Society)
    • Education and Democracy
    • The Caste System
    • Untouchability
    • Other Social Problem
    • Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
Part-III (Economics)
    • Economic Reconstruction
    • Agricultural Development or Importance of Industrial Development
    • Population Growth and Development
Part-IV (National Integration)
    • National Integration
Part-V (Defence of the Country)
    • India's Defence
    • Foreign Policy of India
    • The United Nations Organisation
    • India and Her Neighbours
Part-VI (World Problems)
    • World Problems
Section IV (General)
    • Abbreviations
    • Sports
    • Some Important National Awards
    • Some Curious
    • Books and Authors
    • India in Space
    • Miscellaneous Facts
General Science
    • Carbon
    • Carbon Compounds
    • Light
    • Pressure
    • Magnetism
    • Electric Current
    • Rocks, Minerals and Metals
    • Metals and Their Properties
    • Man-made Materials
    • Microbial World
    • Agriculture-Practice and implements
    • Economic importance of Plants and animals
    • Organic Evolution
    • Conservation of Natural Resources
    • Alternative Sources of Energy
    • How Leaves are Designated
    • Reproduction
    • Square and Square Root
    • Cube and Cube Root
    • Index and Surd
    • Algebraic Expression
    • Division of Algebraic Expression
    • Equations of one unknown
    • Compound Interest
    • General Banking Facilities
    • Shares and Debentures
    • Parallel Lines
    • Construction of Quadrilaterals
    • Chords of Circle
    • Area of Rectilinear Figures
    • Circumference and Area of Circle
    • Volumes and Surface Areas of Solid Figures
    • Statistics
General English
    • Comprehension
    • English Usage
    • Filling in the Blanks
    • Vocabulary
    • Cloze Test
    • Sequence of Sentences and Words