Revitalizing Health Through Vegetables

Revitalizing Health Through Vegetables Revitalizing Health Through Vegetables Sample PDF Download
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PREFACE Vegetables n ot o nly adorn the table but also enrich the health o f man. In India, vegetarianism has been a way o f life in our country since vedic period. A ncien t sages enjoyed the pleasing flavours and tem pting taste o f fresh vegetables and lead sound health throughout the life. Som e treatises were also written by g reat scholars like Parasara and Nakula on nutritive a nd m edicinal properties o f vegetables. In affluent countries like USA and U K vegetables constitute nearly 50 p e r cent o f the total food where as in India it is only 8 p e r cent. The p e r capita consum ption o f vegetables in Japan is about five times h ig he r than o u r country.
value o f
vegetables in the hum an d iet has been recognized a ll over the world.
Vegetables su pply substantial quantity o f essential
m inerals
vitam ins
rational proportion.
subsisting on vegetables alw ays enjoys good health than non-vegetarians. Vegetables, provide valuable roughage to the alim entary canal which is n eeded for bow el m ovem ent which prevents constipation.
They neutralize the acids produced
during the digestive pro cess o f meat, fish and other fatty acids. During recent years, a g lo ba l interest has been developed on vegetarianism. There is an evidence that vegetables having been used in the treatm ent o f diseases b y ancient Chinese and Greeks. F e w descriptions are m ade about m edical virtues o f vegetables in Ftigveda a n d A tharvana veda. The vegetables like garlic a nd g in ge r p la y an im p o rta nt role in folklore m edicine in