RGPV QUESTION PAPERS 4th Year Civil Engineering (2009-2014)

RGPV QUESTION PAPERS 4th Year Civil Engineering (2009-2014) RGPV QUESTION PAPERS 4th Year Civil Engineering (2009-2014) Sample PDF Download
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iii Cubical content rate estimate b Discuss the importance and various purposes of estimate. 7 OR a Prepare a preliminary estimate of a three storied office building having a carpet area o 1 2000 sqm with following data. It may he assumed that 30 of the built up area will be taken up by the corridors, verandahs, lavatories, staircase etc. and I Duo of the built up area will be occupied by walls. i Plinth area rate - Rs. 10000.00 per m ii extra due to deep foundation at site 1. 1 of building cost iii Extra for special Architectural treatment - 0.5 of Building cost iv Extra for sanitary and water supply installation - 6 of Building cost v Extra for Electrical installation 12.5 of building cost vi Contingencies 21 2 vii Supervision charges 8 8 b Explain the following i Plinth area ii Carpet area iii Built up area
3 a Explain in detail about CSR. 6 b Prepare the rate analysis for 12 mm cement plastering 1 6 unit 1 sqm. 8 OR 4. a Explain how the various factors affect the rate of an item. 6 b Prepare the rate analysis for half brickwork wall 10 cm thick with 1 3 cement mortar-unit 1 sqm. 8 5. a Explain the following i Schedule of bars ii Calculation of length of bent up and hooked bars. 6 b Explain the Long wall-Short Wall method and centre line method in detail. 8 OR 6. Estimate the quantity of earth work required in a road embankment having 1 Om formation width, 2 1 side slope in a length of 7 chains, each chain being 30 m long. The central difference of formation and ground is 0.70 m, 1.20 m, 2.00m, 1.00 m, 1.50 m, 2.10 m, 1.80 m and 1.50 m at 0 to 7th chain respectively. Assume the ground is level in direction transverse to the centre line. 14
7. a What is DPR Discuss the content of DPR in detail. 8 b Define the following 6 i Overhead charges ii Contingencies

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