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Numerical Methods and Computing Techniques By Gopal Pathak

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Publisher Vayu Education
ISBN 9789383137442
Author: Gopal Pathak
Available Available in all digital devices
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About this eBook

PREFACE The application of Numerical Methods has become an integral part of the life for all the modern software professionals. With the advent of powerful small computers with highly increased speed, power and flexibility of numerical computing almost all the universities offer courses in Numerical Methods and Computing Techniques in their curriculum. It is a fact that the students who can better understand and apply the numerical method to solve the practical problems successfully make a better software professionals. The author has made their extreme effort for the same with great care so that the students who are beginner in the field of numerical methods can understand the implementation of the numerical methods in computer. The contents of the book are derived from latest revised syllabus for B.Tech. and M.C.A. students of all Universities. The primary aim of the book is to provide students with a sound background of numerical methods as well as it s implementation in computer using C language. I have exerted a conscious effort to make the book students-friendly. I hope the students would find not only useful but also interesting. I have made our best effort to bring the book free from errors. However, the author will be grateful, if the readers communicate any omissions or errors or any valuable suggestions for the improvement of the quality of the book for the next edition. Author
Chapter 1 Numerical Solution of Algebraic Transcedental Equations 1.1 Analytical Methods vs Numerical Methods 1.2 Algebric and Transcendental Equation 1.3 Zeros of Algebraic and Transcendental Equation 1.4 Iterative Method 1.5 When to stop the iterative process 1.6 Bisection Method Bolzano Method 1.7 Regula Falsi Method False Position Method 1.8 Newton Raphson Method 1.9 Rate of Convergence of Iterative Method 1.9.1 Rate of Convergence of Bisection Method 1.9.2 Rate of Convergence of Newton-Raphson Method 1.10 Iteration method 1.11 Muller's Method Exercise Answers
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