New Horizons in Biotechnology

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ISBN: 9788187680192

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This book is the outcome o f the selected invited papers presented by the world leaders in the international conference on New Horizons in Biotechnology NHBT-2007 held at Trivandrum, India during November 26-29, 2007. This was the fourth Convention o f the Biotech Research Society BRSI and also the fourth major biotechnology event being organized by the National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology formerly Regional Research Laboratory , Trivandrum, providing a much wider platform where people meet periodically. Earlier three conferences were held in 1997 ICBF-97 , 2001 NHBT2001 and 2003 ICB-2003 , which were highly successful and provided unique opportunities for the participants to collaborate and network with different groups and persons. NHBT-2007 focused on recent developments on the frontier areas o f Biotechnology, and brought together scientists, engineers and other experts from across the world to deliberate on global developments in the fields o f Industrial Biotechnology, Medical Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology and Food Agriculture Biotechnology. It was planned as a major event to be held at Trivandrum during with the participation o f a large number o f active researchers from all over the world. It was envisaged that this conference would not only provide a unique platform to the participants from industries and academic institutions to share their thoughts and views to develop possible linkages among them, but also served the purpose o f global networking among them and helped in creating a nucleus o f interface research. The scientific program o f the conference included five mini-symposia on Nanobiotechnology, Advances in Food Safety, Molecular Ecology, Biofuels and Mycobacterium Research and 22 sessions on Industrial Biotechnology, Environm ental Biotechnology, M edical Biotechnology and Food A gricultural biotechnology, in which 103 experts from different countries presented their research works. In addition to this, 467 posters were presented by the contributory authors on different topics. The presentations by the invited speakers were held in three parallel sessions and about 120 posters were presented daily. A total o f about 625 delegates from all over the world attended the conference. The conference organizers place on record their thanks to the members o f the International Organizing Committee and International Scientific Committee for their help and efforts in shaping up the scientific program o f the conference. They gratefully acknowledge the support and participation o f national and
international organizations and agencies, which extended financial sponsorship to the event. Without their support and participation, it would have not been easy to make suitable arrangements for the conference, including the publication o f this book. They also place on record their thankfulness to the Director and the scientific, administrative and technical staff o f the NIIST for their support for this event. They acknowledge that the event was showcased with the enormous efforts and hard work put behind by the TeamBiotech o f the NIIST, especially by the students o f the Division, suitably supported by the scientists and technical staff o f the Division. The book comprises selected articles from the invited speakers based on their talks in the conference with an aim to collate the most recent developments on their topics. The entire presentation has been divided in four section comprising 27 chapters. Part A has articles on Industrial Biotechnology and has thirteen chapters on various topics. Part B o f the book deals with the Environmental Biotechnology and comprises six chapters. The third part o f the book, i.e. Part C is on Food Agricultural Biotechnology and contains four chapters. The fourth and last part o f the book is on Medical Biotechnology, which has four chapters. The text is supported by numerous clear, informative diagrams and tables. The book would be o f great interest to the post-graduate students and researchers o f applied biology, biotechnology, microbiology, biochemical and chemical engineering. Editors Ashok Pandey