NCERT Mathematics Textbook for Class VI

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We have tried to link chapters with each other and to use the concepts learnt in the initial chapters to the ideas in the subsequent chapters. We hope that you will use this as an opportunity to revise these concepts in a spiraling way so that children are helped to appreciate the entire conceptual structure of Mathematics. Please give more time to ideas of negative number, fractions, variables and other ideas that are new for children. Many of these are the basis for further learning of Mathematics. We hope that the book will help ensure that children learn to enjoy Mathematics and explore formulating patterns and problems that they will enjoy doing themselves. They should learn to be confident, not feel afraid of Mathematics and learn to help each other through discussions. We also hope that you would find time to listen carefully and identify the ideas that need to be emphasised with children and the places where the children can be given space to articulate their ideas and verbalise their thoughts. We look forward to your comments and suggestions regarding the book and hope that you will send us interesting exercises that you develop in the course of teaching so that they can be included in the next edition.
NCERT Mathematics Textbook for Class VI
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