NCERT Introductory Microeconomics II Textbook for Class XII

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Publisher Ncert Books
Author: NCERT Syllabus & Patterns
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Contents Foreword
d e h T lis R b E u C p N re e b o t t
1.1 A Simple Economy 1.2 Central Problems of an Economy 1.3 Organisation of Economic Activities 1.3.1 The Centrally Planned Economy 1.3.2 The Market Economy 1.4 Positive and Normative Economics 1.5 Microeconomics and Macroeconomics 1.6 Plan of the Book
2.1 The Consumer s Budget 2.1.1 Budget Set 2.1.2 Budget Line 2.1.3 Changes in the Budget Set 2.2 Preferences of the Consumer 2.2.1 Monotonic Preferences 2.2.2 Substitution between Goods 2.2.3 Diminishing Rate of Substitution 2.2.4 Indifference Curve 2.2.5 Shape of the Indifference Curve 2.2.6 Indifference Map 2.2.7 Utility 2.3 Optimal Choice of the Consumer 2.4 Demand 2.4.1 Demand Curve and the Law of Demand 2.4.2 Normal and Inferior Goods 2.4.3 Substitutes and Complements 2.4.4 Shifts in the Demand Curve 2.4.5 Movements along the Demand Curve and Shifts