Economics Xll (Hindi Medium)

Economics Xll (Hindi Medium) Economics Xll (Hindi Medium) Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9788131803875
Number of Pages: 571

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Economics Xll (Hindi Medium) by S. A. Siddiqui, A. S. Siddiqui

Table of Contents:

PART-A Introductory Micro Economics

1. Introduction-What Economics is all about?
2. Central Problems
3. Consumer Behaviour
4. Theory of Demand
5. Elasticity of Demand
6. Production Function-Returns to Factor and Scale
7. Supply and Elasticity of Supply
8. Cost, Revenue and Producer's Equilibrium
9. Forms of Market
10. Determination of Equilibrium Price

PART-B Introductory to Macro Economics

11. Introduction to Macro Economics
12. Structure of Macro Economics and National Income Accounting
13. National Income Accounting-Concepts and Measurement
14. National Income and Related Aggregates
15. Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply in Macro Economics
16. Problems of Deficient and Excess Demand
17. Measures to Correct Excess and Deficient Demand
18. Money and Banking
19. Government Budget and the Economy
20. Foreign Exchange Rate : Meaning and Determination
21. Balance of Payments


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