NCERT Introductory Microeconomics I Textbook for Class XII

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Contents F OREWORD
1.1 Emergence of Macroeconomics 1.2 Context of the Present Book of Macroeconomics 2. NATIONAL INCOME ACCOUNTING 2.1 Some Basic Concepts of Macroeconomics 2.2 Circular Flow of Income and Methods of Calculating National Income 2.2.1 The Product or Value Added Method 2.2.2 Expenditure Method 2.2.3 Income Method 2.3 Some Macroeconomic Identities 2.4 Goods and Prices 2.5 GDP and Welfare 3. MONEY AND BANKING 3.1 Functions of Money 3.2 Demand for Money 3.2.1 The Transaction Motive 3.2.2 The Speculative Motive 3.3 The Supply of Money 3.3.1 Legal Definitions Narrow and Broad Money 3.3.2 Money Creation by the Banking System 3.3.3 Instruments of Monetary Policy and the Reserve Bank of India 4. INCOME DETERMINATION 4.1 Ex Ante and Ex Post 4.2 Movement Along a Curve Versus Shift of a Curve 4.3 The Short Run Fixed Price Analysis of the Product Market 4.3.1 A Point on the Aggregate Demand Curve 4.3.2 Effects of an Autonomous Change on Equilibrium Demand in the Product Market 4.3.3 The Multiplier Mechanism
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