NCERT English Practice Book - 8

NCERT English Practice Book - 8

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Publisher SChand Publications All Class 8 English books by SChand Publications
ISBN 9789352830794
Author: Mamta Yadav
Number of Pages 105
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NCERT English Practice Book - 8 by Mamta Yadav
Book Summary:

The NCERT English Practice Books 1-8 serve as companions to NCERT's English Textbooks: Marigold (classes 1-5), Honeysuckle, Honeycomb, and Honeydew textbooks (classes 6, 7, and 8 respectively). The practice material has been placed in the form of worksheets. These worksheets are designed to provide ample opportunities for the learner to think, analyze, and appreciate the English language independently.

Audience of the Book :
This book is Useful for English Practice Book - 8.
Table of Contents:
Worksheet 1: The Best Christmas Present in the World (Prose)

Worksheet 2: The Ant and the Cricket (Poem)

Worksheet 3: How the Camel got his Hump (Supplementary Reader

Worksheet 4: The Tsunami (Prose)

Worksheet 5: Geography Lesson (Poem)

Worksheet 6: Children at Work (Supplementary Reader)

Worksheet 7: Glimpses of the Past (Prose)

Worksheet 8: Macavity: The Mystery Cat (Poem)

Worksheet 9: The Selfish Giant (Supplementary Reader)

Worksheet 10: Bepin Choudhury's Lapse of Memory (Prose)

Worksheet 11: The Last Bargain (Poem)

Worksheet 12: The Treasure Within (Supplementary Reader)

Worksheet 13: The Summit Within (Prose)

Worksheet 14: The School Boy (Poem).

Worksheet 15: Princess September (Supplementary Reader)

Worksheet 16: This is Jody's Fawn (Prose).

Worksheet 17: The Duck and the Kangaroo (Poem)

Worksheet 18: The Fight (Supplementary Reader)

Worksheet 19: A Visit to Cambridge (Prose)

Worksheet 20: When I set out for Lyonnesse (Poem)

Worksheet 21: The Open Window (Supplementary Reader)

Worksheet 22: A Short Monsoon Diary (Prose) .

Worksheet 23: On the Grasshopper and Cricket (Poem)

Worksheet 24: Jalebis (Supplementary Reader)

Worksheet 25: The Great Stone Face—I (Prose)

Worksheet 26: The Great Stone Face—II (Prose)

Worksheet 27: The Comet—I (Supplementary Reader)

Worksheet 28: The Comet—II (Supplementary Reader)

Worksheet 29: Dictionary work, phrasal verbs.

Worksheet 30: Words that indicate movement

Worksheet 31: Arranging jumbled sentences that have idioms

Worksheet 32: Phrases and their meanings

Worksheet 33: Idioms.

Worksheet 34: Using appropriate forms of given words in sentences

Worksheet 35: Words related to monsoon

Worksheet 36: /f/ sound at the beginning and end of words.

Worksheet 37: Articles, determiners (as per CBSE syllabus)

Worksheet 38: Making nouns by adding -ance or -ence, etc.

Worksheet 39: Modals (as per CBSE syllabus)

Worksheet 40: Use of has to, have to, had to; verb forms (simple past and present perfect)

Worksheet 41: Simple past or past continuous, noun phrase, order of adjective.

Worksheet 42: Future tense

Worksheet 43: Transitive and intransitive verbs, speech

Worksheet 44: Making nouns from adjectives by adding -ness or -ity; making adverbs

Worksheet 45: Adjective phrases, degree of adjective, use of all and both

Worksheet 46: Active and passive voice

Worksheet 47: Speech

Worksheet 48: Punctuation(as per CBSE syllabus)

Worksheet 49: Diary entry, informal letter, constructing the story using the outline

Worksheet 50: Narrating an incident

Worksheet 51: Picture composition, writing a paragraph based on a news item

Worksheet 52: Writing a letter, describing a prank

Worksheet 53: Writing a composition

Worksheet 54: Writing about your pet, writing about our relationship with nature,

Worksheet 55: Notice, interview

Worksheet 56: Writing an incident that occurred during rains, writing a poem on spring

Worksheet 57: Writing about yoga

Worksheet 58: Arranging jumbled sentences in correct order

Worksheet 59: Discussing whether wars are a good way to end conflicts between countries.

Worksheet 60: Speaking about superstition, killing animals for selfish motives

Worksheet 61: Listening to the stories of bravery of ordinary people

Worksheet 62: Playacting the role of farmers having grievance against the government policies.

Worksheet 63: Discussing the disapperance of some birds.

Worksheet 64: Narrating a story

Worksheet 65: Pronouncing the given words with correct stress

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