NCERT English Practice Book - 4

NCERT English Practice Book - 4

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Publisher SChand Publications All Class 4 English books by SChand Publications
ISBN 9789352830756
Author: Devika Kumar
Number of Pages 81
Available in all digital devices
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NCERT English Practice Book - 4 by Devika Kumar
Book Summary:

The NCERT English Practice Books 1-8 serve as companions to NCERT's English Textbooks: Marigold (classes 1-5), Honeysuckle, Honeycomb, and Honeydew textbooks (classes 6, 7, and 8 respectively). The practice material has been placed in the form of worksheets. These worksheets are designed to provide ample opportunities for the learner to think, analyze, and appreciate the English language independently.

Audience of the Book :
This book is Useful for English Practice Book - 4 Students.
Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1. are mapped to the corresponding NCERT textbooks to provide chapter-wise practice to reinforce the skills.

2. include revision material in the form of Revision Tests to help in the recapitulation and evaluation of the concepts learned.

3. The series comes with a Teacher's Manual for all eight levels.

Table of Contents:

Worksheet 1 Wake Up! (Poem)

Worksheet 2 Neha's Alarm Clock (Prose)

Worksheet 3 Noses (Poem)

Worksheet 4 The Little Fir Tree (Prose)

Worksheet 5 Run! (Poem)

Worksheet 6 Nasruddin's Aim (Prose)

Worksheet 7 Why? (Poem)

Worksheet 8 Alice in Wonderland (Prose)

Worksheet 9 Don't be Afraid of the Dark (Poem)

Worksheet 10 Helen Keller (Prose)

Worksheet 11 The Donkey/I Had a Little Pony (Poem)

Worksheet 12 The Milkman's Cow (Prose)

Worksheet 13 Hiawatha (Poem)

Worksheet 14 The Scholar's Mother Tongue (Prose)

Worksheet 15 A Watering Rhyme (Poem)

Worksheet 16 The Giving Tree (Prose)

Worksheet 17 Books (Poem)

Worksheet 18 Going to buy a Book (Prose)

Worksheet 19 The Naughty Boy (Poem)

Worksheet 20 Pinocchio (Prose)

Worksheet 21 Tongue-twister

Worksheet 22 Spelling — ee or ea

Worksheet 23 Word building: matching words to their correct meanings

Worksheet 24 Pronunciation—learned (action word) and learned (describing word) -id sound;

Worksheet 25 Pronunciation—early/curly/surely, our/hour/are, flower/flour/shower, hard-yard, long-song, red-lead, etc.

Worksheet 26 Instruments that a carpenter uses

Worksheet 27 Rearranging jumbled spellings

Worksheet 28 Degrees of Comparison

Worksheet 29 Was/were; ‘is’, ‘was’, ‘am’ and ‘were'

Worksheet 30 Making opposites of given words by adding 'un' or 'im'

Worksheet 31 Using question words: how many, what are, where are, how, etc.; framing questions

Worksheet 32 Synonyms and antonyms

Worksheet 33 Contraction—don't, won't, didn't, etc.

Worksheet 34 Using always, often, sometimes, never, usually, frequently)

Worksheet 35 Simple present and simple past tenses

Worksheet 36 Using whenever, whoever, and wherever; Similar sounding words

Worksheet 37 Forming adverbs from adjectives — quiet-quietly, fluent-fluently, etc. changing underlined adverbs into adjectives)

Worksheet 38 Adjectives; Using I shall

Worksheet 39 Conjunction: and, but, or

Worksheet 40 Connecting pairs of sentences using 'and' or 'but'

Worksheet 41 Fill in the blanks with appropriate degrees of comparison

Worksheet 42 Fill in the blanks (replacing pictures with words)

Worksheet 43 Punctuate a given passage

Worksheet 44 Picture-based answer the questions

Worksheet 45 Writing a paragraph about yourself with the help of the given clues; writing about your favorite person

Worksheet 46 Rearranging words to make questions

Worksheet 47 Completing sentences by choosing the right word (similar sounding words)

Worksheet 48 Paragraph about your pet or an animal you love

Worksheet 49 Match the words: king-courtiers, teacher-students, doctor-patients, etc.)

Worksheet 50 Write about a plant that is in danger and how you plan to save it

Worksheet 51 Write five things that you can do to help your grandparents or any old person what is your favorite book? Write down the name of the book. Then write down the story

Worksheet 52 What is your favourite book? Write down the name of the book. Then write down the story.

Worksheet 53 Fill in the blanks with describing words

Worksheet 54 Write down six things that are made of wood; describe your classroom; write about a news item you read and found interesting

Worksheet 55 Make opposites with the words dis-, im- and in-; Form nouns by adding -ness, -city, -ty or -y; making sentences with given words

Worksheet 56 Speak about keeping time — who wakes you in the morning, different ways of knowing time during the day

Comprehension 2

Worksheet 57 Speak about languages and your mother tongue; Listen to your favorite advertisement on the radio or TV. Repeat it with stress on the words

Worksheet 58 Speech on why it is important to protect flowers and plants; Speak on why we should not cut trees

Revision Test 1

Revision Test 2

Project 1

Project 2