NCERT English Practice Book - 3

NCERT English Practice Book - 3

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Publisher SChand Publications All Class 3 English books by SChand Publications
ISBN 9789352830749
Author: Gowry Puri
Number of Pages 73
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NCERT English Practice Book - 3 by Ekta Bhalla
Book Summary:

The NCERT English Practice Books for classes 1 to 8 have been specially designed to provide additional practice to the users of the NCERT English Textbooks. These books serve as companions to NCERT’s English Textbooks: Marigold (classes 1-5), Honeysuckle, Honeycomb, and Honeydew textbooks (classes 6, 7, and 8, respectively).

Audience of the Book :
This book is useful for Class- 3 students.
Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1. are mapped to the corresponding NCERT textbooks to provide chapter-wise practice to reinforce the skills.

2. Include complete coverage of all the skills taught in the textbooks: Literature, Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, and Speaking.

3. are carefully graded wherein the learner progresses smoothly with systematic practice of the content learned in the textbooks.

Table of Contents:

Worksheet 1 Good Morning (Poem)

Worksheet 2 The Magic Garden (Prose)

Worksheet 3 Bird Talk (Poem)

Worksheet 4 Nina and the Baby Sparrows (Prose)

Worksheet 5 Little by Little (Poem)

Worksheet 6 The Enormous Turnip (Prose)

Worksheet 7 Sea Song (Poem)

Worksheet 8 A Little Fish Story (Prose)

Worksheet 9 The Balloon Man (Poem)

Worksheet 10 The Yellow Butterfly (Prose)

Worksheet 11 Trains (Poem)

Worksheet 12 The Story of the Road (Prose)

Worksheet 13 Puppy and I (Poem)

Worksheet 14 Little Tiger, Big Tiger (Prose)

Worksheet 15 What's in the Mailbox? (Poem)

Worksheet 16 My Silly Sister (Prose)

Worksheet 17 Don't Tell (Poem)

Worksheet 18 He is My Brother (Prose)

Worksheet 19 How Creatures Move (Poem)

Worksheet 21 Rhyming words

Worksheet 22 Describing a picture; Writing about wedding

Worksheet 23 Odd one out

Worksheet 24 Collective nouns

Worksheet 25 Compound words; Colouring a rainbow

Worksheet 26 Sorting sound words; Jumbled words

Worksheet 27 Animal body coverings; Fill in the blanks.

Worksheet 28 -ing words; Homophones

Worksheet 29 Filling in the blanks with ful, ly, and ish

Worksheet 30 Short forms; Drawing a Gift'

Worksheet 31 Fruits and vegetables; Using -d and -ed

Worksheet 32 Describing words

Worksheet 33 Singular and Plural

Worksheet 34 Comparative and superlative degrees of adjectives

Worksheet 35 Antonyms

Worksheet 36 Filling in the blanks with can and cannot

Worksheet 37 Forming new words; Rhyming words

Worksheet 38 Drawing a flower; Wordsearch grid; Completing sentences

Worksheet 39 Sound of animals

Worksheet 40 Labelling different parts of a tree; Describing a tree

Worksheet 41 Classifying vegetables which can be eaten raw or cooked

Worksheet 42 Filling in the blanks

Worksheet 43 Superlative and comparative adjectives

Worksheet 44 Writing an Informal Letter

Worksheet 45 Writing sentences on how you help at home

Worksheet 46 Arranging things in order; Circling silent letters

Worksheet 47 Enacting Telephonic Conversation

Worksheet 48 Finger play on Sparrows

Worksheet 49 Enacting a scene about the new dress

Worksheet 50 Enacting scene on a visit to an amusement park.

Worksheet 51 Enacting a scene on a visit to an animal farm

Let's Think of a Research activity on grasshoppers.

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Revision Test 2

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