NCERT English Practice Book - 1

NCERT English Practice Book - 1

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Publisher SChand Publications All Class 1 English books by SChand Publications
ISBN 9789352830725
Author: Gowry Puri
Number of Pages 57
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NCERT English Practice Book - 1 by Ekta Bhalla
Book Summary:

The NCERT English Practice Books 1-8 serve as companions to NCERT's English Textbooks: Marigold (classes 1-5), Honeysuckle, Honeycomb, and Honeydew textbooks (classes 6, 7, and 8 respectively). The practice material has been placed in the form of worksheets. These worksheets are designed to provide ample opportunities for the learner to think, analyze, and appreciate the English language independently.

Audience of the Book :
This book is useful for class-1 students.
Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1. are mapped to the corresponding NCERT textbooks to provide chapter-wise practice to reinforce the skills.

2. Include complete coverage of all the skills taught in the textbooks: Literature, Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing and Speaking.

3. are carefully graded wherein the learner progresses smoothly with systematic practice of the content learned in the textbooks.

4. are designed in a manner that the learner becomes adept at using the language as an effective means of communication in daily life and beyond.

5. include revision material in the form of Revision Tests to help in the recapitulation and evaluation of the concepts learnt.

Table of Contents:

Worksheet 1 Literature

Worksheet 2 Rhyming words; Drawing candles on a cake

Worksheet 3 Printing patterns on leopard; Matching animals with their babies


Worksheet 4 Literature

Worksheet 5 Actions one can do; Vowels

Worksheet 6 Labelling pictures; Circling word pairs

Worksheet 7 Enacting the scene on personal hygiene; Making soap bubbles


Worksheet 8 Literature

Worksheet 9 ch and pl words; Filling in the blanks with ch and sh

Worksheet 10 Filling in the blanks; Craftwork on hen and chicks

Let's Draw Drawingfavourite food

Worksheet 11 Enacting the given story


Worksheet 12 Literature

Worksheet 13 Labelling the pictures; st and ow sound words

Worksheet 14 Matching the fruits and vegetables to the trees; Completing a picture

Worksheet 15 Talking about favourite fruit


Worksheet 16 Literature

Worksheet 17 Drawing circle-shaped objects; Colouring the picture

Worksheet 18 Looking at the picture and completing the story

Worksheet 19 Drawing shapes

Worksheet 20 Talking about see-saw; Colouring the picture


Worksheet 21 Literature

Worksheet 22 ee, ll, rr, pp words; Rhyming words

Worksheet 23 Filling in the blanks on trees

Worksheet 24 Drawing the pictures in the correct order; Making sprouts salad

Worksheet 25 Learning to write the names of friends; Talking about your tree house


Worksheet 26 Literature

Worksheet 27 Short and long it sounds; Circling the odd one out.

Worksheet 28 Writing about what makes you dizzy; Drawing a picture of your music band

Let's Make a bookmark

Worksheet 29 Numbering the pictures in the correct order; Tracing and coloring a kite

Worksheet 30 Talking about your experience of flying kites;


Worksheet 31 Literature.

Worksheet 32 Completing the sentences; g sound words

Worksheet 33 Tracing the alphabet Tracing the circles in the picture

Worksheet 34 Talking about tortoise and turtle; Talking about fearlessness


Worksheet 35 Literature

Worksheet 36 Rhyming words Drawing a picture of a rainy day.

Worksheet 37 Drawing weather pictures

Worksheet 38 Tracing and coloring a picture; Completing riddles

Worksheet 39 Talking about different activities; Talking about rainbow colors.


Worksheet 40 Literature

Worksheet 41 Learning to pronounce the given words; Making new words from ELEPHANT

Worksheet 42 Riddles on people who help us; Question sentences

Worksheet 43 Telling and asking sentences; Making sentences; Circling the odd one out.

Worksheet 44 Talking about super power; Enacting different emotions.

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