Multiple Choice Questions in Computer Science

Multiple Choice Questions in Computer Science Multiple Choice Questions in Computer Science Sample PDF Download
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Multiple Choice Questions in Computer Science by Ela Kumar
Book Summary:

Computer science and technology has become lifeline of the modern industrial and social development. Our civilization is thousands of years old, but computer is just of sixty. In spite of its negligible age compared to the age of human existence, it has captured not only the activities but also, the consciousness of human beings. The stage has arrived where it has become difficult to imagine any action of human begins not involving computer in one form or the other.

Audience of the Book :

The present book aims to provide a thorough account of the type of questions asked in various competitive examinations conducted by UPSC, public sector organizations, private sector companies etc. and also in GATE.

Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1.Pactice and familiarity with various possible questions

2.Covering the full length and breadth of the subject is essential for helping the aspiring individuals

Table of Contents:

1. Computer Fundamentals

2. Digital Electronics and Microprocessor

3. C-Programming

4. Data Structure and Algorithms

5. Computer Organization

6. Parallel Processing

7. Theory of Computation

8. Operating System

9. Compute Graphics and Multimedia

10. Data Base Management System

11. Object Oriented Programming

12. Computer Networks

13. AI and Neural Networks

14. Internet Technology

15. Software Engineering

16. Data Communication

17. Information Technology