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Microwave Engineering By P.K. Chaturvedi

By P.K. Chaturvedi more
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Publisher Vayu Education
ISBN 9789383137176
Author: P.K. Chaturvedi
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  • About the book

About this eBook

PREFACE Unprecedented growth in the application of microwave has taken place during the last two-three decades, especially in mobile communication, TV transmission, Industrial domestic applications, satellite communication, telemetry, Radars and other navigational aids etc. This rapid development of microwave along with digital technologies have synergized and further accelerated the growth rate. This has created an increased demand for trained engineers in civilian as well as in defence organizations. This book will meet the needs of the students of engineering courses i.e. BE, B.Tech, MSc Tech , MTech Microwaves , MSc Electronics , etc. However the students need to have prior knowledge of electromagnetics. This book contains a fundamental concepts and principles behind microwave engineering in a simple and student friendly lucid language, keeping a balance between physical and analytical approach b Contains a large number of solved unsolved problems, for developing practical knowledge after every chapter. c Over 300 diagrams with a special effort put in, for giving numerical values in the graphs and dimensions of components devices, in order to get a real feel visualization of that microwave device, as this has been found to be missing in most of the books. The figures have full explanations for making it complete in itself. d Additional feature of laboratory manual of 14 Simple experiments, giving full theory, procedures, precautions and sample of readings expected with each experiment, followed by quiz viva question for the benefit of the students as well as the faculty. The book consists of 8-Chapters along with an annexure giving related constants and the index. The Chapter-1 introduces the subject along with the concepts of CW Pulsed signals, decibel, anechoic chamber, EMI EMC etc. Chapter-2 summarizes the basics of wave propagation in the transmission lines and waveguides. Chapter-3 covers cavity resonators while Chapter-4 describes over 16 varieties of components used in microwaves. Chapters 5 and 6 cover various type of microwave signal generators and amplifiers. Chapter-5 firstly covers limitations of conventional tubes and then the microwave tubes, e.g. klystron tubes, magnetron, TWT etc. Chapter-6 extensively covers 4-types of transistors, 8-types
of diodes, with applications. Chapter-7 covers measurements techniques of important parameters and related instruments. Chapter-8 gives 14-most-important experiments of microwave engineering. I am very much thankful to my life partner and children, who have been source of inspiration and provided me congenial atmosphere even in odd hours, with useful suggestions, while writing the manuscript and proof reading of the book. I am thankful to Dr. Raj Kumar, my PhD Student who is now Director of a prestigious Engineering College, Rewari , for his valuable assistance in the initial phase of the book. I thank Mrs. Sapna Sharma, Faculty of SIET, Gr. Noida, for giving the initial prompting-material of this book. I am thankful to Mr. Chandeep Singh of m s NVIS Technologies Pvt. Ltd, for providing soft copies of the figures of microwave products. I am also thankful to the authors of various books as per list of references , which I have referred during the long period I have been teaching this subject in various institutions. Finally, I convey my sincere thanks to M s Vayu Education of India, the Publisher of this book, for their painstaking and sincere efforts for bringing the book in a standard and excellent form. However, if you notice any mistake, error or discrepancy, it would be

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