Microcontrollers And Applications

Microcontrollers And Applications
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Microcontrollers And Applications

Publisher: Sanguine Publications
ISBN: 9788188849185

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The art of manipulating bits of data to achieve intelligent systems can be a ributed to the invention of the microcontroller. The exibility of recon gurable hardware using so ware is the reason for the success of microcontrollers in consumer and industrial applications. The availability of powerful microcontrollers in compact packages combined with low cost has enabled their widespread use in appliances. Microcontrollers are popular among students of all disciplines due to their ease of programming and the availability of complete technical support o ered by several companies. Though some of the tools for using the microcontrollers are still quite expensive, evaluation boards and demonstration hardware are freely distributed to colleges and schools regularly to popularize the latest microcontrollers. A decade back the microprocessor was famous due to its exibility in adding needed peripherals and memory according to its application. However the volume of such systems with similar peripherals have led to the development of the microcontroller that packs most commonly used peripherals and memory. It is quite common therefore to see microcontrollers that contain I O ports, timers, serial ports and interrupt controller all in a single compact chip. Various manufacturers have come out with 8-bit and 16-bit microcontrollers with a variety of peripherals to choose from. The power of the microcontroller has increased to such an extent that their di erence with traditional DSPs or digital processors is fading away. Microcontrollers can process math routines and control real time events and are being sought a er in applications that are cost sensitive and produced in large volume. This book provides an insight into the 8051 family of microcontrollers starting with the system architecture and providing a fundamental knowledge on how to use these systems in real time control and monitoring. This book guides the user through the basic steps of assembly language starting with examples on register manipulation and math processing. Various assembly language instructions have been used with examples that can be directly run on development boards. The use of I O ports, timers and interrupts have been illustrated with examples in C language and assembly language. A section has been included on applications of the 8051 microcontroller to real-time engineering projects. While some readers may view this section as advanced, this section illustrates
by way of methods and algorithms the power of the microcontroller in designing such systems. It has been le to the user to imaginatively use the peripherals and power of the so ware in pu ing together such projects a er going through the examples and algorithms provided. The user is provided a lot of common interface examples that are required in the implementation of such projects. The user is expected to carefully use this material in combination with the datasheets and application notes provided by the manufacturer of the microcontroller in project design. Ramani Kalpathi Ganesh Raja
About the Author
Dr. Ramani Kalpathi completed his Bachelor s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Bangalore University in 1987, Master s degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras in 1989 and Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from Texas A M University in 1994. He was employed with Dana Corporation, USA from 1995 to 2000 as a Senior Project Engineer working in the area of Power Electronics and Motor Controls. Presently he heads Powerso Systems which specializes in providing embedded solutions for power electronic applications. He has been the recipient of seven US patents and has several