Mechanical Vibrations

Mechanical Vibrations

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Publisher PHI Learning All Mechanical Engineering books by PHI Learning
ISBN 9788120350359
Author: Venkatachalam R.
Number of Pages 440
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About The Book Mechanical Vibrations

Book Summary:

Aiming at undergraduate and postgraduate students of mechanical engineering, the book has been written with a long teaching experience of the author. Lucid and beyond traditional writing style makes the text different from other books. In this text, every effort has been taken to make the subject easy and interesting. The concepts have been explained in such a manner that students do not require any prerequisite knowledge.

The text amalgamated with real-world examples help students adhere to the book and learn the concepts on their own. Throughout the book, engaging and thought-provoking approach has been followed.

It discusses free and forced vibrations of undamped and damped single degree freedom systems, self-excited vibrations, vibrations of two and multi degree freedom systems, vibrations of continuous systems and Lagrangian formulation.

A chapter on Set up a Mechanical Vibration Laboratory helps students and teachers to learn how to develop a basic laboratory without involving a heavy cost.
Besides undergraduate and postgraduate students, this text also serves as a launch pad for those who want to pursue research.

Key Features

Simple practical demonstrations.
Helps the student in developing important skills such as reasoning, interpretation and physical visualisation.
Helps to develop software.
Prepares for competitive examinations.
There are nearly 50 problems illustrated and around 200 problems given in exercises for practice.

Table of Contents:


1. Introduction

2. A Start to Study of Vibrations

3. Some more Problems of Free Vibrations

4. Free Oscillations of Rigid Bodies

5. Outline of Study of Vibrations

6. Energy Methods in Vibrations

7. Forced Vibrations of Undamped Single Degree Freedom system

8. Resonance

9. Self Excited Oscillations

10. Free Vibrations of Damped Single Degree Freedom System

11. Forced Vibrations of Damped Single Degree Freedom System

12. Transient Vibrations

13. Two Degree Freedom Systems

14. Multi Degree Freedom Systems

15. Numerical Methods

16. Lagrangian Formulation

17. Vibrations of Continuous Systems

18. Set up A Mechanical Vibration Laboratory

19. Closure


A. Preliminary Ideas on Ordinary Differential Equations

B. Large Angle Oscillations of Simple Pendulum

C. Artificial Gravity

D. Finding Moments of Inertia

E. Modulus of a Complex Quantity

F. Deflection of Beams

G. For Transient Vibration Studies

H. Matrices and Eigenvalue Problem

I. Development of Runge Kutta Algorithm

J. Convergence of Matrix Iteration Method

K. Oscillations of Pendulum Under Coulomb Damping

L. Oscillations under Stick Slip Motion

M. Vibrations under Periodic Impulses

Answers to Problems for Practice