LL.B. Entrance Exam.

LL.B. Entrance Exam.
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LL.B. Entrance Exam.

Publisher: Upkar Prakashan
ISBN: 9788174822215

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Contents Previous Year s Solved Paper
Part-I General Knowledge
1 96 1 16
Part-II Reasoning Ability .
1 64
Legal Aptitude ..
1 56
Part-III Numerical Ability .
1 96
Part-IV English Language .
1 88
L.L.B. Entrance Exam. Solved Paper Based on Memory
2013 English Language and Comprehension Directions Q. 1 7 Read the following passage carefully and choose the most appropriate option from the choices given. 1. Direct observation of contemporary societies at the threshold of widespread literacy has not assisted our understanding of how such literacy altered ancient Greek society, in particular its political culture. The discovery of what Goody has called the enabling effects of literacy in contemporary societies ends to seduce the observer into confusing often rudimentary knowledge of how to read with popular access to important books and documents this confusion is ten projected onto ancient soceieties. In ancient Greece. Goody writes, alphabetic reading and writing was important for the development of political democracy.