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Contents Chapter-1 Nature and Concept
3 4
Chapter-2 Schools of Jurisprudence 5 17 Chapter-3 Definition of Law .. 18 20 Chapter-4 Administration of Justice ... 21 23 Chapter-5 Sources of Law .. 24 34 Chapter-6 Legal Concepts .. 35 43 Chapter-7 Legal Persons 44 46 Miscellaneous 47 56
Nature and Concept The word Jurisprudence is made from two words or it is a combination of two latin words Juris and prudentia. Meaning of Juris is law and meaning of prudentia is knowledge. Clearly meaning of Jurisprudence is knowledge of law. The Study of Jurisprudence started among Romans at first.
Definition 1. Ulpian Ulpian was a Roman Jurist, according to him Jurisprudence is the knowledge of things, divine and human, the science of right and wrong. This definition is similar to the definition of Dharma of Hindu philosophy. According to Jaimini Dharma is that which is signified by a command and leads to man s matarial and spiritual salvation. Yajnavalkya has defined that Vyavahara, means those rules which determine the Judicial Proceeding . 2. According to Holland, Jurisprudence is the formal science of positive law. According to him formal science is a science which deals with the various relations which are regulated by legal rules. Definition by Salmond According to Salmond, Jurisprudence is the Science of law, and law means civil law. In this sense Jurisprudence has three kinds i Expository or Systematic ii Legal history iii Science of legislation Samond makes a difference between General and Specific Jurisprudence. According to him