Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Industrial Waste Water Treatment Industrial Waste Water Treatment Sample PDF Download
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About The Book Industrial Waste Water Treatment
Book Summary:

All industrial production processes generate waste waters, which can pollute water bodies into which they are discharged without adequate treatment. It is, therefore, essential to treat such wastes and eliminate their harmful effects on the environment.

This book discusses sources, characteristics and treatment of waste waters produced in industries such as textiles, dairy, tanneries, pulp and paper, fertilizer, pesticide, organic and inorganic chemicals, engineering and fermentation. Many flow diagrams have been included to illustrate industrial processes and to indicate the sources of waste water in such processes. After describing treatment for individual factories, the author discusses the more advanced and economical common effluent plants. The text uses simple and straightforward language and makes the presentation attractive. This book should prove extremely useful to undergraduate students of civil and chemical engineering and postgraduate students of environmental science and engineering. Industrial design consultants will also find the book very handy. To the Greens, it may offer some of the solutions to their concerns.

Table of Contents:
1 Treatment of Industrial Waste Waters
2 Flow Measurement, Characterization and Treatability Studies of Industrial Waste Waters
3 Unit Operations and Unit Processes
4 Stream Pollution and Self-Purification
5 Pretreatment of Industrial Wastes
6 Textile Wastes
7 Dairy Wastes
8 Slaughtering, Meat Packing, Poultry Processing,
Fish Processing and Rendering Wastes
9 Tannery Wastes
10 Sugar Mill Wastes
11 Pulp and Paper Mill Wastes
12 Fermentation Industry Wastes
13 The Engineering Industry
14 Petroleum Refining Industry
15 Petrochemicals Industry
16 Fertilizer and Pesticides Industries
17 Vegetable Oil, Food and Allied Industries
18 Dyestuff and Dye Manufacturing Industries
19 Rubber Wastes
20 Radioactive Wastes
21 Organic and Inorganic Chemicals
22 Common Effluent Treatment Plants