Hydroponics (Soilless Culture of Plants)

Hydroponics (Soilless Culture of Plants) Hydroponics (Soilless Culture of Plants) Sample PDF Download
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About this eBook

Hydroponics refers to methods of growing plants in a water and nutrient solution, without soil. This technique allows gardeners to grow plants in a more efficient and productive manner with less labour and time required. In the Hydroponic system of plants growing, the nutrients are directly fed at the root base, never stressing the plant due to lack of nutrients or water. This technique is ideal for growing wide range of plant species especially fruit bearing crops, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers, leafy crops like lettuce, cabbage, herbs and flowering plants. Hydroponics offers an opportunity to provide optimal conditions for plant growth with higher yields as compared to open field agriculture. This technique can be used any where in all agro-climatic zones and hydroponic produce has higher nutritional value and tastes better than field growing crops. The cost of production in Hydroponics is also less over conventional methods. If optimum growing conditions and nutritional requirements are applied, combined with sound horticultural management, this system of growing plants can offer an alternative means of food production. Due to various advantages over open field agriculture, Hydroponics is more popular in some countries like Canada, especially in commercial production of vegetables. But in India, this technique could not get popularity among gardeners till the date. The main bottleneck behind this is lack of its standard knowledge and poor dissemination of its available technologies. Although, more literature on Hydroponics is available but standard, precise and authentic information s are still lacking.
For popularization of Hydroponics in our country, it is very important to provide scientific proven technology of Hydroponics to gardeners and create mass awareness in potential areas at National level. This book, based on my past year s experience of work done on hydroponics, is intended to provide practical and standard information s on various aspects in pr cised and digestible form. Various key issues have been discussed in different chapters to make it very useful to every gardener, farmer, student, scientist, planner and policy maker to gain enough knowledge of hydroponics required for successful and satisfactory growing plants. In placing this book before you, I am immensely thankful to Dr. N.B Singh, Agriculture Commissioner, Government of India for providing the foreword. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Col. V.K. Sharma Retd. , Chairman, Indian Medicinal Plants Marketing Federation, Dr. Punjab Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi U.P. , Mrs., Manju Chauhan, Chairperson, National Honey Marketing Board, Dr. B.G. Shrivastava, Ex-Principal Scientist IARI, and Dr. Ram Chand, Assistant Director General Agriculture Extension , ICAR for their inspiration, encouragement and sustained support. My special thanks are also due to Dr. S.S. Purohit and Dr. Updesh Purohit, Directors, Agrobios India , Jodhpur Rajasthan and Mr. Vinod S