How to Become a Human Calculator

How to Become a Human Calculator How to Become a Human Calculator Sample PDF Download
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About The Book How to Become a Human Calculator by Aditi Singhal
Book Summary:

The history of Vedic Mathematics dates back to the golden aged India, where calculations were done mentally. There was perfect coordination of both parts of the brain. Faculty of mind was used by each individual upto 100%. In due course of time, mind power and mental calculation reduced. The sages and saints knew the secrets of numbers and they devised a unique system of fast calculations during the Vedic age. Since this system was devised in Vedic age, we call it ‘Vedic Mathematics’.

Audience of the Book :
Useful for school students, teachers and professionals and a must for those appearing for competitive exams like UPSC, MBA, MCA, GMAT, GRE, CSAT, etc. “After reading this book, solving 5378942639 ÷ 8120594263, finding the square of 99975, the cube root of 704969 or calculating any day from 500 years would be child’s play.
Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1. Step-by- step approach towards mathematical calculations

2. Simple and easy language to facilitate understanding

3.Important points highlighted by use of different colours and tabular presentation

4.General guidelines after each technique

5.More than 500 solved examples to make concepts very clear

6.Exhaustive exercises for each topic

7.Consolidated test-papers at the end for easy revision

8.Special chapter for applications of vedic maths in school syllabus and competitive exams