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Green Genius Guide : What are Wind Power, Solar Power, Hydropower, and more

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Publisher TERI Press
ISBN 9788179931240
Author: Richa Sharma
Print Enabled 15%
Number of Pages 20
Available in all digital devices
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About this eBook

Content Development Richa Sharma Publishing Head Anupama Jauhry Editorial and Production Teams Pallavi Sah, Vidya Subramanian, Chandni Sengupta Aman Sachdeva, Mahfooz Alam Technical Review Dr VVN Kishore Design and Illustration Teams Priyabrata Roy Chowdhury Yatindra Kumar, Vijay Nipane and Neeraj Riddlan
Printed and bound in India
This book is printed on recycled paper.
The Energy and Resources Institute
I have the power Have you ever wondered how you are able to walk, run or play You need energy to do all this. Energy is the ability to do work. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can be converted from one form to another.
Move it, hold it There are many forms of energy. A cricket ball moving in the air can break a windowpane if it strikes it. The energy contained in the ball due to its motion is called kinetic energy. A brick on top of a building can hurt you if it falls on you from that height. The energy it has due to its position in this case, height is called potential energy. There are many other forms of energy, including electrical energy, chemical energy, biochemical energy, electrochemical energy, and nuclear energy.
Plants get energy from the sun, and animals get energy from eating plants or other animals.
Energy that comes from renewable sources can be used again and again without the fear that we will ever run out of them.
Renewable energy the new thing in town Just like you need energy to work, machines, cars, microwaves, light

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