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Environmental Education and Population Education eBook

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Publisher ASIAN
ISBN 9788184121841
Author: Dr. Meena Kumari Goswami
Number of Pages 187
Available in all digital devices
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About this eBook

PREFACE Environmental education and population education both are the urgent needs of the time considering the global degradation of environmental condition that leads to threatening of not only the environmental plants and species but also the existence of human beings on earth. As the prime factor although not unique, the tremendous population growth also has contribute largely in degrading environmental situation. The present work is an attempt to bring awareness among students and teachers about environmental problems and population problems along with some suggestions for preventive measures. The contents of the book are designed following strictly the course content of the Gauhati University GU for its TDC syllabus on semester system. We think that our present work will meet the requirement and expectation of the teachers and students. As far as our work is concerned, it is nascent in the sense that no other books on the aspects Environmental Education and Population Education confining to the latest semester syllabus of GU has so far yet being published. The book touches all the contents in a manner which enable students not only to have a complete idea about Environmental Education and Population Education but also to help them to inculcate maximum achievement in their examination. Innovative ideas are discussed in the book with the assumption that prospective teachers will be able to derive benefit from this book as a thrustworthy friend. I, the author of this book is highly grateful to various authors and publishers whose books have considerably helped in preparing the manuscript. I wish to convey my heartiest gratitude to my husband Dr. Kailash Chandra Goswami for his honest and sincere guidance and constant inspiration in preparing the book. I, the author want to thank Mr. Devasish Bhattacharjee, Branch Manager of Asian Books Pvt. Ltd., Gauhati for his interest, ardency and active participation in completing the book in time inspite of his busy schedule to meet the requirement of the T.D.C. semester students pass and major of GU. The author is highly hopeful that this book will meet the urgent need of the students as well as the teachers with maximum benefit. Any constructive suggestion for improving the book is highly acceptable. Dr. Meena Kumari Goswami
SYLLABUS Environmental Education and Population Education Paper M.4.02 Credits-8 Major Course
A ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION Objectives 1. To enable the students to understand the concept, scope and importance of environmental education. 2. To enable the students to understand the programmes of environmental education at different levels of education. 3. To make the students aware of environmental stressors and knowledge on disaster management education.
Unit 1 Environmental Education Concept and definition of environment Importance of Environmental Education Relationship between man and environment-Ecological and Psychological perspective

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