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English Essays

Publisher: Upkar Prakashan
ISBN: 9788174821034

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Preface 1. The aim of this book is to train the candidates and the students, who are aspirants for visionary career as well as undergoing academic studies, to follow a specific art of writing the essay. It will teach them to apply the knowledge on the subject and will sharpen their accuracy, keen observation and the ability to develop ideas logically and clearly. 2. An essay is also a test of language of the system of expressing the ideas, handwriting, spellings, grammar and of the capability of furnishing the opinions on the subject. This book will give sufficient hints to the students to follow for writing essay and begetting knowledge about various topics. 3. There are a few techniques to be followed to write an essay. Some of the techniques are given in brief in the succeeding paras. 4. The essay writing is usually divided into three parts namely introduction, body and conclusion. Each part of the essay is very important. The introduction indicates your familiarity with a number of facts concerning the subject. It is assessed that the well begun is to win the half of the battle. The essay writer must give the brief and relevant theme with effective ideas about the subject. There should be eighty to ninety words in the introduction. The body of the essay should consist of about five to six hundred words depending upon the standard of the writer and the type of the subject. The writer has to give his ideas about the subject. He should also demonstrate his command over the language, his observations, logic and clarity to make the essay acceptable. An effective end is as important as an effective beginning. The end should be as natural as possible. It may consist of conclusion drawn from the main subject. The conclusion shows your opinion on previous arguments as a brief summary. It should, therefore, be drawn giving importance to the main subject choosing the outcome in a logical manner.
5. The simplicity in writing the essay is the main factor, which shows that the reader understands the matter clearly. The writer is therefore, required to use the simple language. The use of long, involved sentences and bombastic words is not required. There should be clarity while expressing the ideas on the subject. The ideas should be developed logically. Every idea should come logically and naturally out of the previous one. A good essay must have a unity of thought and the content. The various parts of the essay must be developed according to their respective importance. It means that the important points in the subject should be given greater weightage than the less important ones. 6. The students are advised not to use complex idioms and the quotations to avoid mistakes and confusion. The quotations can be used, when the writer is confident of exact reproduction of the original and finds suited to the subject matter. The students should keep in their mind that there should be no use of abbreviations and contractions. The essay is required to be written