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India's ACC net profit dips, sees slowing demand Profit slips 23 pct on slowdown, high input prices....sees demand slowing in 2009, but prices stable....to defer new commitments on expansion projects - Reuters General perception of ACC Ltd and its business practice is positive therefore, there would appear to be few sources of potential negative press in the future.
There could be potential negative press in the future for ACC due to in the controversy suurounding the Himachal Pradesh Government's decision to make the state into a cement manufacturing hub. Several environmental groups are agitating against this and ACC, though it is a going concern and its plant at Gagal in Himachal is one of the better environmentally friendly plants, could get caught in this controversy. Some examples of recent articles in the media Cement plants, how many the state can sustain The decision of the Himachal Pradesh government to go ahead with five more cement plants in the state has attracted wide spread resentment not only from environmentalist groups but from the general public also. - My Himachal Himachal Govt. moves for compulsory acquisition to set up cement plant In defiance of local resistance, the government has moved in for compulsory land acquisition to set up a cement plant near Sundernagar in Mandi district - My Himachal
Change in press coverage over time
Overall, the majority of articles available on Google news search engine focus on the business side of ACC Ltd. i.e.