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This Unique illustrative DICTIONARY OF GARDENING is an essential reference book for all students of agricultural sciences in pursuit of interviews and examination success. It covers the whole range of terms related with gardening and includes essen tial entries from such fields as garden layouts, garden planning, terrace gardens, kitchen gardens, hill gardens, floral arrangements, lawns, bonsai and dwarfing, garden sundries, nursery, garden operations, pots and pot culture. It also includes terms related with processing and marketing, breeding, cultivation, propaga tion, preservation and protection of garden plants viz. fruits, flow ers, vegetables, hedges, shrubs, annuals, palms, climbers, or chids, ferns, trees etc. It provides information about every aspect of gardening except the individual plants themselves gardening operation and techniques, the tools, equipment, foods and chemi cals that are used, the main pests and diseases, the terms used to describe various plants and parts. Entries on many modern field, industrial and laboratory techniques are also included. Though there are many admirable publications on various as pects of gardening, no concerted attempt has been made in the past to provide a comprehensive terminology. An invaluable aid to all those interested in gardening would be the availability of a dictionary which brings together all the important and related terms. Infact a dictionary of such a kind has an ocean of informa tion which tries to satisfy us of our unending thirst for knowledge. Bold headwords provide quick and easy access to over 12000 entries chosen and written on the expert advice form experienced advisory board. Each entry in the dictionary has been defined
with the utmost accuracy, completeness and easy readability to be readily accessible for students and professionals in gardening. While in the process of writing and compilation, I have care fully considered the criticism of this work which have come to my notice, and I have adopted all those suggestions which could be taken up, so far they did not contradict the plan on which this volume was drawn. It is appreciated that there is still debate about the exact meaning of some terms, notably those which have ap parently undergone some evoluation of meanings this dictionary guided by advice from students, teachers and researchers, takes a firm line and proposes in a number of cases a definition which seems to be accepted by reputable authorities. A dictionary is never an original work, but a collection from the