Design Of Reinforced Concrete Foundations

Design Of Reinforced Concrete Foundations

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Publisher PHI Learning All Civil Engineering books by PHI Learning
ISBN 9788120336155
Author: VARGHESE, P. C.
Number of Pages 456
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About The Book Design Of Reinforced Concrete Foundations

Book Summary:

A companion volume to the authors Foundation Engineering (published by PHI Learning), this comprehensive and well-organized text deals with the structural design of the commonly used types of reinforced concrete foundations. It explains step-by-step procedure for the design of each type of foundation with the help of a large number of worked-out examples. The book provides an in-depth analysis of topics, such as wall footings, balanced footings, raft foundations, beam and slab rafts, pile caps and pile foundations.


Explains IS Codes on the subject.

Presentation of the book is lecture-based, with each chapter dealing with one topic. This helps the teachers in their lectures.

Deals with modern concepts as well as empirical procedure.

Devotes a separate chapter to the effects of earthquakes on foundations.

Has a large number of diagrams to illustrate the concepts discussed.

The book is designed as a textbook for the undergraduate and postgraduate students (Structural/Geotechnical) of Civil Engineering. As the book deals with both the fundamentals of the subject and field practice, practising engineers will also find the book very useful.

Table of Contents:
1. Foundation Structures
2. Review of Limit State Design of Reinforced Concrete
3. IS 456 Provisions for Design of Footings and Pedestals
4. Design of Centrally Loaded Isolated Footings and Column Pedestals
5. Wall Footings
6. Design of Isolated Footings with Vertical Loads and Moments
7. Combined Footings for Two Columns
8. Balanced Footings
9. Strip Footings under Several Columns
10. Raft Foundations
11. Design of Flat Slab RaftsMat Foundations
12. Beam and Slab Rafts
13. Compensated Foundations, Cellular Rafts and Basement Floors
14. Combined Piled Raft Foundation (CPRF)
15. Circular and Annular Rafts
16. Under-reamed Pile Foundations
17. Design of Pile Caps
18. Pile FoundationsDesign of Large Diameter Socketed Piles
19. Design of Cantilever and Basement Retaining Walls
20. Infilled Virendeel Frame Foundations
21. Steel Column Bases
22. Analysis of Flexible Beams on Elastic Foundation
23. ACI Method for Analysis of Beams and Grids on Elastic Foundations
24. Analysis of Flexible Plates on Elastic Foundations
25. Shells for Foundations
26. Hyperbolic Paraboloid (Hypar) Shell Foundation
27. Design of Conical Shell Foundation
28. Effect of Earthquakes on Foundation Structures
Appendix A Geotechnical Data
Appendix B Extracts from SP 16 for Design of Reinforced Concrete Members
Appendix C Steel Reinforcement Data
Appendix D Design Charts of Centrally Loaded Columns and Footings
Bibliography Index