Comprehensive Physics For JEE (Main) 

Comprehensive Physics For JEE (Main) 

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Publisher Laxmi Publications All IIT JEE Mains Physics books by Laxmi Publications
ISBN 9788179681688
Author: Prof. Narinder kumar
Number of Pages 1193
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Comprehensive Physics For JEE (Main) by Prof. Narinder kumar
Book Summary:

This is a comprehensive guide for Physics For JEE (Main) in the subject of Physics. It is essential for candidates applying for the JEE (Main) examinations.

Audience of the Book :
Table of Contents:


Unit I : Physics and Measurement 

1.1.  Units, Measurements and Dimensions 
1.2.  Significant Figures and Error Analysis 

Unit II : Kinematics 

2.1.  Description of Motion in One Dimension 
2.2.  Vectors 
2.3.  Motion in Two and Three Dimensions 

Unit III : Laws of Motion 

3.     Laws of Motion and Friction 

Unit IV : Work, Energy and Power 

4.     Work, Energy and Power 

Unit V : Rotational Motion and Moment of Intertia5.     Rotational Motion and Moment of Intertia 

Unit VI : Gravitation 

6.     Gravitation 

Unit VII : Properties of Solids and Liquids 

7.1.  Elasticity 
7.2.  Fluids at Rest 
7.3.  Fluids in Motion 
7.4.  Surface Tension 
7.5.  Thermal Properties of Matter 
7.6.  Heat Transfer 

Unit VIII : Thermodynamics 

8.     Thermodynamics 

Unit IX : Kinetic Theory of Gases 

9.     Kinetic Theory of Gases 

Unit X : Oscillations and Waves 

10.1.  Oscillations 
10.2.  Waves 

Unit XI : Electrostatics 

11.1.  Electric, Field and Flux 
11.2.  Electric Potential and Capacitance 

Unit XII : Current Electricity 

12.1.  Current Electricity 
12.2.  Kirchhoff's Laws 
12.3.  Thermal Effects of Current 

Unit XIII : Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism 

13.1.  Magnetic Effects of Currents 
13.2.  Magnetism 

Unit XIV : Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents 

14.1.  Electromagnetic Induction 
14.2.  Alternating Currents and Electrical Devices 

Unit XV : Electromagnetic Waves 

15.    Electromagnetic Waves 

Unit XVI : Optics 

16.1.  Ray Optics 
16.2.  Wave Optics 

Unit XVII : Dual Nature of Matter and Radiations 

17.    Dual Nature of Matter and Radiations 

Unit XVIII : Atoms and Nuclei 

18.    Atomic and Nuclei 

Unit XIX : Electronic Devices 

19.    Electronic Devices 

Unit XX : Communication Systems 

20.  Communication Systems 


21.  Experimental Skills 
         Practice Papers 
         Examination Paper 

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