IES 2017 Syllabus For All Branches

IES 2017  Syllabus For All Branches IES 2017  Syllabus For All Branches  Sample PDF Download
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simple members and determinate structures. Introductions to prestressing of indeterminate structures. Design of brick masonry as per I.S. Codes.
6. Construction Practice, Planning and Management Concreting Equipment Weight Batcher, Mixer, vibrator, batching plant, concrete pump. Cranes, hoists, lifting equipment. Earthwork Equipment Power shovel, hoe, dozer, dumper, trailers and tractor, rollers, sheep foot rollers, pumps. Construction, Planning and Management Bar chart, linked bar chart, work-break down structures, Activity - on - arrow diagrams. Critical path, probabilistic activity durations Eventbased networks. PERT network Time-cost study, crashing Resource allocation.
CIVIL ENGINEERING For both objective and conventional type papers PAPER II 1. a Fluid Mechanics, Open Channel Flow, Pipe Flow Fluid Properties, Pressure, Thrust, Buoyancy Flow Kinematics Integration of flow equations Flow measurement Relative motion Moment of momentum Viscosity, Boundary layer and Control, Drag, Lift dimensional Analysis, Modelling Cavitation Flow oscillations Momentum and Energy principles in Open channel flow, Flow controls, Hydraulic jump, Flow sections and properties Normal flow, Gradually varied flow Surges Flow development and losses in pipe flows, Measurements Siphons Surges and Water hammer Delivery of Power Pipe networks. b Hydraulic Machines and Hydropower Centrifugal pumps, types, performance parameters, scaling, pumps in parallel Reciprocating pumps, air vessels, performance parameters Hydraulic ram Hydraulic turbines, types, performance parameters, controls, choice Power house, classification and layout, storage, pondage, control of supply. 2. a Hydrology Hydrological cycle, precipitation and related data analyses, PMP, unit and synthetic hydrographs Evaporation and transpiration Floods and their management, PMF Streams and their gauging River morphology Routing of floods Capacity of Reservoirs. b Water Resources Engineering Water resources of the globe Multipurpose uses of Water Soil-Plant-Water relationships, irrigation systems, water demand assessment Storages and their yields, ground water yield and well hydraulics Waterlogging, drainage design Irrigation revenue Design of rigid boundary canals, Lacey's and Tractive force concepts in canal design, lining of canals Sediment transport in canals Non-Overflow and overflow sections of gravity dams and their design, Energy dissipators and tailwater rating Design of headworks, distribution works, falls, cross-drainage works, outlets River training. 3. a Water Supply Engineering Sources of supply, yields, design of intakes and conductors Estimation of demand Water quality standards Control of Water-borne diseases Primary and secondary treatment, detailing and maintenance of treatment units Conveyance and distribution systems of treated water, leakages and control Rural water supply Institutional and industrial water supply. b Waste Water Engineering Urban rain water disposal Systems of sewage collection and disposal Design of sewers and sewerage systems pumping Characteristics of sewage and its treatment, Disposal of products of sewage treatment, streamflow rejuvenation Institutional and industrial sewage management Plumbing Systems Rural and semi-urban sanitation.