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Competency-based Human Resource Management

By Srinivas R Kandula more
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Publisher PHI Learning
ISBN 9788120347052
Author: Srinivas R Kandula
Number of Pages 328
Available in all digital devices
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About The Book Competency-based Human Resource Management
Book Summary:

Competency-based Human Resource Management has emerged as an important area in HRM, Organizational Behaviour (OB) and Organization Development (OD). This comprehensive and up-to-date text therefore focuses on the four critical dimensions of Competency-based HRM: Mapping, Modelling, Assessing and Applying. With his expertise and wealth of experience in the HRM field, Dr. Srinivas Kandula gives a masterly analysis of the state-of-the-art techniques including Competency Card Sort Activity (CCSA), Behavioural Event Interview (BEI), Critical Incident Technique (CIT), Development of a Curriculum (DACUM), Assessment Centre (AC), Development Centre (DC), Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Repertory Grid, Strength Finder, Thomas Profiling, and Rorschach Inkblot (RIBT).

What distinguishes the text is that it emphasizes, with the help of Case Studies, the Why, What kind of, as well as How competency orientation can help in managing human resources, especially in the spheres of talent acquisition, development, performance, compensation, motivation and recognition.


Presents the whole spectrum of Competency Mapping, Competency Modelling and Competency Assessment Interventions.

Focusses on Competency-based Applications like Recruitment, Compensation, Training, Performance and Career Management.

Provides several Case Studies which illustrate the concepts discussed and solutions to problems.

This book is recommended in Birla Institute of Technology, Extension CTR, Patna.

This compact and well-organized book would be suitable as a text for Management students specializing in HRM, HRD, OB, OD, Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, and, in particular, for those pursuing courses in Competency-based HRM. It would also prove valuable for all those professionals who wish to understand how prediction models can be built to enhance the value of HRM as a strategic business function which will bring in significant ROI besides fostering enterprise excellence.

Table of Contents:


1. Competency-Based Human Resource Management:

An Overview

Defining Competency

Behavioural Competencies over Knowledge and Skills?

Comparative Study


Macro View of Competency Approach/Framework

Challenges of Competency-based HRM

Advantages of Competency-based HRM

Views against Competency-based HRM

Setting Objectives of Competency- based HRM

Design of the Book

Objective of the Book

2. Competency Mapping

Approaches of Competency Mapping

Process of Competency Mapping

Preparing Organization for Competency Mapping

Identifying Jobs/Functions for Competency Mapping

Setting Performance Effectiveness Criteria

Data Collection for Identification of Competencies

Data Collection Method for Competency Indentification

Secondary Data Collection Methods

Listing, Classifying and Arranging Identified Competencies

3. Competency Modelling

Part 1: Analysis of Data of Competencies

Part 2: Classification of Competency Models

Part 3: Proficiency Levels and Weightages of Competencies

Part 4: Validation of Competency Models

Part 5: Execution of Competency Model: iGATE Experience

List of Competencies

Proficiency Levels and Behavioural Indicators

Distinguishing Competencies

4. Competency Assessment

Why Competency Assessment is Required?

Prerequisites for Launching a Competency Assessment Programme

Process of Competency Assessment

Part 1: Designing a Competency Assessment Programme

Part 2: Executing Competency Assessment Programme

Part 3: Cost Benefit Analysis of Competency Assessment Programmes

5. Competency-based HRM Applications

Part 1: Competency-based Recruitment and Selection

Part 2: Competency-based Training and Development

Part 3: Competency-based Compensation Management System

Part 4: Competency-based Performance Management

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