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CBSE NET Previous Year 2012-13 Solved Question Paper English Paper-II(June-Dec)

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3. Literary criticism is a description and evaluation of its object III. Wordsworth, Preface to Lyrical Ballads 4. Nature never set forth the earth in as rich a tapestry as diverse poets have done IV. Coleridge, Biographia Literaria 1 2 3 4 A IV III I II B II IV III I C III II I IV D IV II I III Answer A
22. In which of the following travel books does Mark Twain give an account of his visit to India A A Tramp Abroad B Roughing It C The Innocents Abroad D Following the Equator Answer D
23. William Blake s famous poems such as London , The Sick Rose , and The Tyger appear in A Songs of Innocence
B Songs of Experience C The Marriage of Heaven and Hell D Vision of the Daughters of Albion Answer B
24. Who among the following English artists illustrated the novels of Dickens and Scott A Richard Hogarth B Joshua Reynolds C George Cruishank D John Tennial Answer C
25. The last of Gulliver s Travels is to A The Land of the Houyhnhnms B The Land of Homosapiens C The Land of the Hurricanes D The Newfound Land Answer A
26. Madam Merle is a character in A The Great Gatsby B The Portrait of a Lady C The Jungle D The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Answer B
27. In which of the following scenes of The Waste Land do we have a departure from Standard English A The typist scene B The pub scene