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UGC-NET Paper-III Objective Type Question Bank English Litrature (New Pattern)

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Publisher Cosmos Bookhive
ISBN 9789385867033
Author: Cosmos Bookhive
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a Richardson in the preface of Pamela b Swift in the preface of Gulliver's Travel c Henry Fielding in the prefaces of Tom Jones and Joseph Andrews d Addison in the Coverley Papers 60. Who defined the novel as "a comic epic epic in prose
b It is a nine-line stanza of which the first line is an Alexandrine followed by two quatrains in iambic pentameter c It is a nine-line stanza consisting of two iambic pentameter quatrains joined by an Alexandrine d It is a nine-line stanza made up of four Heroic couplets rounded off with an Alexandrine Songs and Sonnets, known as Tottle's Miscellany appeared in a 1557 b 1560 c 1565 d 1577 Who introduced sonnet for the first time in English poetry a Sydney and Spenser b Wyatt and Surrey c More and Jonson d Beaumont and Fletcher Arcadia is a a Narrative poem b Play c Romance d Treatise Astrophel and Stella has been written by a Spenser b Lyly c Surrey d Sydney Humanism is a term which strictly applies to a a Renaissance cultural movement which turned away from medieval scholasticism and revived interest in ancient Greek and Roman thought b humanitarian approach to literature c reformation in the Church d the efforts of teachers to reform the educational system Spenser has been hailed as "the poet's poet" by a W.H. Pater b Charles Lamb c Matthew Arnold d John Ruskin Spenser's famous Ode Epithalmion commemorates the occasion of a his marriage with Elizabeth Boyle b the accession of Elizabeth I to the throne of England