C And Data Structures

C And Data Structures

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Publisher SChand Publications All Computer Science books by SChand Publications
ISBN 9788121932479
Author: NB Venkateswarlu, EV Prasad
Number of Pages 1068
Edition First Edition
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C And Data Structures by NB Venkateswarlu, EV Prasad
Book Summary:

Our purpose of writing this book is to let the young and new entrants to programming to enrich their logical abilities. Tracing or mimicking or copying is the means through which a human being learns since their birth. Here, also we believe the benefits of such a type of learning process and explain our contents in similar lines which we refer as snap shot oriented learning. Prominent characteristic of our book is to take live Engineering examples for explanation and implementation.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for BCA, MCA, B.Tech , B.E. Student.
Table of Content:

1. Brief Introduction to Computers

2. Basics of C Language and Program Development

3. C Operators

4. Character Variables

5. Control Structures

6. While Loop: The Dawn of Logic

7. String Variables

8. The do-while Loop

9. For Loop

10. One Dimensional Arrays: Excluding Strings

11. 2-D Character Arrays

12. Multidimensional Arrays

13. Functions

14. Recursive Functions

15. Macros and Preprocessor Directives

16. Pointers

17. User-defined variables: Structures, Unions, Enumerators

18. Redirection Operators and Command Line Arguments

19. Data Files

20. Bit-wise Operators

21. Functions with Variable Number of Arguments

22. How Main Executes?

23. Make

24. Introduction to Graphic Programming using C

25. Introduction to Function Pointers

26. Mixing C and Assembly

27. Common Programming Errors

28. Introduction to Data Structures

29. Pattern Matching

30. Sorting and Searching Algorithms

31. Stack and Queues

32. Linked Lists

33. Trees

34. Graphs

35. Collection of Sample Questions