Bioprocesses in Food Industry Volume III

Bioprocesses in Food Industry Volume III Bioprocesses in Food Industry Volume III Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Asia Tech Publications
ISBN: 9788187680215

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About this eBook

This book is the outcom e o f the selected papers presented in the International C ongress on B ioprocesses in food industries IC B F -2008 held at H yderabad, India during N ovem ber 6-8, 2008. IC B F-2008 was organized jo in tly by the IC B F Forum w w w .icbfforum .org and the B iotech R esearch Society o f India w w w .b . The conference focused on recent developm ents in food bioprocessing. It provided a platform for participants to share their thoughts and view s. T he conference displayed the num erous breakthroughs and new developm ents in these areas and their relevance to the w elfare o f m ankind. L eading researchers from various universities, institutions and industries from all over the w orld participated in the conference and addressed the delegates. B ioprocesses in Food industries are m ainly based on the exploitation o f biocatalysts w hich com e from an enzym e source or w hole m icrobial cells. This has been in vogue since m any decades. M ajority o f bioprocesses are the bioconversions that have the target to am eliorate the quality o f food in term s o f its taste, preservation, digestibility, sh e lf life, etc. Food bioprocessing provides know ledge on the enzym e and biocatalysts in the food biotechnology, applications o f fermentation technology in the food production, and food developm ent and b ioreactor design. G enetically m odified foods are also focused upon. In the fram e o f recent know ledge in the food science, aspects o f food m icrobiology, nutritional, chem ical and rheological properties are also studied and explored in varied directions. New know ledge o f the alleviating significance com prises the biotechnology o f recovery o f bioactive molecules, process biotransform ations, significance and perspectives o f plethora o f enzym es, especially present in m ilk. Strategies for the im p rov em en t o f y easts and hum an and anim al health p ro m o tin g lactic acid b acteria by genetic m odification, m odulation o f natural antioxidants in functional foods, recent viral tissue bioprocessing m eth o d s fo r d e te c tio n o f v iru se s in fo o d sa m p le s, p ro d u c tio n o f v a rio u s c o m p o u n d s th ro u g h biotechnology are pacing up. Like w ise, new and com prehensive know ledge for the im m obilized cells and enzym es is review ed for the brew ing, w ine m aking, ferm ented dairy and non-dairy probiotic beverage production and cereal byproducts exploitation.
Preface vi The organizing com m ittee o f the IC B F-2008 w ould like to thank the invitees and delegates for their overw helm ing response for the conference and participating in the discussions actively. T hanks are also due to the session coordinators, session chairs, poster evaluation ju ries, m em bers o f national and international advisory com m ittees and local organizing com m ittee for th eir strong efforts and help in sm ooth conduction o f the conference. We gratefully acknow ledge the support and participation o f national and international organizations and agencies, w hich extended financial sponsorship to the event. W ithout their support and participation, it w ould have not been easy to m ake suitable arrangem ents for the conference. We also place on record our thankfulness to the V ice-C hancellor and the scientific, adm inistrative and technical sta ff o f the D epartm ent o f M icrobiology and C ollege o f Technology, O sm ania U niversity for their support for this event.
L. Venkateswar Rao Ashok Pandey Christian Larroche Carlos Ricardo Soccol Claude-Gilles Dussap Editors
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