Advances in Seed Science and Technology (Vol 2) : Quality Seed Production in Vegetable Crops

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Publisher Agrobios Publications All Seed Technology books by Agrobios Publications
ISBN 9788177542851
Number of Pages 944
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Advances in Seed Science and Technology (Vol 2): Quality Seed Production in Vegetable Crops by K VANANGAMUDI
Book Summary:

This volume would be useful as a textbook to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of Agriculture, majoring in Seed Science and Technology and Plant Breeding and Genetics as well as students of Horticulture. Also, it would serve as a reference book to the scientists involved in seed production and crop improvement programmes.

Audience of the Book :
This Book Useful For Seed Technology.
Table of Contents:
  1. Part I: Recent Trends in Vegetable Seed Production

    1. Cent Per Cent Seed Germination - A Myth
    2. Vegetable Seed Industry - An Overview
    3. Importance of Vegetables in Food Security and Nutrition
    4. Current Scenario of Vegetable Production in India
    5. Floral and Fruit Structures in Vegetables
    6. Pollination Mechanism in Vegetables
    7. Pollination Agents and Isolation Distances for Vegetables
    8. Integrated Pest Management in Vegetable Seed Production and Storage
    9. Integrated Disease Management in Vegetables - An Innovative Approach
    10. Post Harvest Processing of Vegetable Seeds

    Part II: Quality Seed Production Solanaceous Vegetables

    1. Tomato
    2. Brinjal
    3. Chilli
    4. Capsicum
    5. Potato
    6. Okra

    Peas and Beans

    1. Peas
    2. French Bean
    3. Cowpea
    4. Cluster Bean
    5. Lablab

    Cucurbitaceous Vegetables

    1. Cucumber
    2. Water Melon
    3. Musk Melon
    4. Summer Squash
    5. Pumpkin
    6. Ash Gourd
    7. Bitter Gourd
    8. Snake Gourd
    9. Ribbed Gourd
    10. Bottle Gourd
    11. Sponge Gourd

    Cole Vegetables

    1. Cabbage
    2. Cauliflower
    3. Knol Khol

    Root Vegetables

    1. Carrot
    2. Radish
    3. Beet Root
    4. Turnip

    Tuber Vegetables

    1. Cassava
    2. Sweet Potato
    3. Yam
    4. Taro

    Bulb Vegetables

    1. Bellary Onion
    2. Aggregatum Onion

    Leafy Vegetables

    1. Amaranthus

    Salad Vegetables

    1. Lettuce

    Perennial Vegetables

    1. Annual Moringa

    Part III: Special Topics

    1. Production and Yield Improvement in Oyster Mushroom (PleurotusSpp.)
    2. MicroArray
    3. Microbial Dynamics in The Spermosphere
    4. Agricultural Biodiversity
    5. Edible Vaccines
    6. Hydroponics - A Technology for Urbanization
    7. Establishment of Commercial Biofertilizers Unit
    Subject Index

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