Advances in Medicinal Plant Research

Advances in Medicinal Plant Research

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Publisher Agrobios Publications All Medicinal Plants books by Agrobios Publications
ISBN 9788177545227
Author: Bohra and Bissa
Number of Pages 241
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Advances in Medicinal Plant Research
Table of Contents
No  Name  Page No
   Page 1  1
1  Moulds And Mycotoxins Contamination In Traditional Herbal Drugs And Their Effects And Their Effects On Animal System  11-38
2  Gennetic Minutiae Of Some Threatened Medicinal Herbs Of Indian Thar Desert  39-44
3  Involvement Of Single Pgr For Induction Of Somatic Embryogenesis And Plant Regeneration In Cultured Immature Infloresce- Beauv(Foxtail Millet): A Crop Of Medicinal Value  45-50
4  Biotechnology And Biodiversity Of Medicinal Plants With Their Therapeutic Values  51-66
5  A Review On The Need For Conversation And Bio Safety Evaluation Of Medicinal Plants  67-78
6  Status Distribution And Cultivation Of Commiphora Wightii-A Critically Endangered Medicinal Plant Of The Rajasthan Desert  79-84
7  Lessons On Stress Management Context Of Physiology Of Abiotic Stress Tolerance In Medicinal Plants Of Thar Desert Few Advances And Some Extrapolations  85-90
8  Screening Of Endogenous Antioxident System In Some Medicinal Plant  91-98
9  Antimicterial Activity Of Bougainvillea Spectabilis  99-104
10  Antimicrobial Effect Of Indigenous Plant On Human Pathogenic Bacteria  105-108
11  Antibacterial Activity Of Lath JeeraOn Human Pathogenic Bacteria  109-112
12  Floral Dependence Of Human Langurs In Nature  113-124
13  Effect Of The Medicinal Desert Plants Powder On Oviposition Of Trogoderma Granarium Infesting Stored Barley (Hordeum Vulgare  125-128
14  De Novo Regeneration And Analysis Of Antioxident Activity Of In Vitro Propagated And Wild Plants Of Calotropis Procera (Ait)R. Br. By Hplc  129-138
15  Pteridophytes:A Novel Source Of Antimicrobials  139-154
16  Spices: Home Remedies For Various Diseases  155-176
17  Isolation And Characterization Of Phosphate Solubilizers From Fenvgreek Rhizosphere  177-184
18  Lipid Profile Improving Efficacy Of Prosopis Cineraria Leaves Extract In Experimentally Induced Hyperlipidemic Rabbits  185-192
19  Status And Prospects Of Medicinal Plants In India With Special Reference To Thar Desert  193-200
20  Medicinal Trees And Shrubs Of Kachchh District Of Gujarat  201-208
21  Dipcadi Erythraeum: An Endangered Medicinal Plant Of Thar Desert  209-214
22  Intercropping Of Medicinal Plant With Mulberry- Enthralling Prospect  215-220
23  Interfacing Agriculture With Nanoparticles  221-224
24  Efficacy Of Raw Cow Milk And Trichoderma Viride Against Leaf Curl Disease Of Chilli In Western Rajasthan  225-230
25  Herbal Plants Of The Rajasthan Desert : A Potential Source Of Phytochemicals Of Pharmaceutical Interest  231-234
26  Thar Desert Medicinal Plants In Relation To Fertility Regulation  235-240