Advances in Applied Biotechnology and Microbiology

Advances in Applied Biotechnology and Microbiology

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Publisher Agrobios Publications All Immunology and Microbiology books by Agrobios Publications
ISBN 9788177543742
Author: Parihar P, Parihar L, Jatkar PR
Number of Pages 380
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Advances in Applied Biotechnology and Microbiology by Parihar P, Parihar L, Jatkar PR
Book Summary:

The book includes various research areas of Microbiology and Biotechnology. Sixty papers are included in four sections covering Agricultural and Environmental, General and Industrial, Veterinary and Medical and allied disciplines such as those handling the microbes and/or their products and also for problems related to plant, animal and human health. This would synchronize the development in the fields of Basic and applied Science.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for Microbiology and Biotechnology students.
Table of Contents:


  1. Keratinophilic Fungi as Indicators of Solid Wastes Pollution
  2. Antagonistic Effects of Selected Soil Fungi against Keratinofers
  3. Soil Microbial C, N and P Dynamics in Traditional Agroforestry System of Northeast India
  4. Evaluation of Mh as Male Gametocide on Phaseolus mungo Roxb. and A New Method of Plant Breeding
  5. Biochemical Changes in the Ovary and Liver of Fresh Water Fish Channa punctatus after Chronic Exposure to Zinc
  6. Evaluation of Biosurfactant/ Bioemulsifier Production By Planococcus Sp
  7. Isolation, Purification, Characterization and Application of Agarase from A Marine Bacillus megaterium
  8. Study on Algal and Fungal Flora Inhabiting the Sand Dunes of Pushkar Region, Ajmer
  9. Contamination of Soils Due to Solid Waste Pollution
  10. Deterimental Effects of Solid Waste Pollution on Antimycotic Activity. of Medicinal Plants
  11. The Water Potability of Sri Ganganagar Zone By Using Whole Bacterial Analysis
  12. Current Status of Environmental Degradation
  13. Isolation of Keratinophilic Fungi through Bait Technique
  14. Impact of C02 Released By Interaction Between Marble and Hci on Growth of Spirulina Platensis
  15. The Effect of Varying Concentration of Vermicompost on Usar Soil with Reference to Growth Behaviour of Lycopersicon, Esculent Urn Mill
  16. Greenchemical Biotechnology: An Innovative Concept, Theory and Practice
  17. Roadside Pollution and Microbial Community of Alder and Khasi Pine
  18. Effect of Allelochemicals Present in Lantana Camara Linn, on Moss Physcomitrium Japonicum (Hedw.) Mitt
  19. Cleaning Up of Pollutants By Phytoremediation: A Novel Approach for Sustainable Development
  20. Mutation Induction in Trigonella Corniculata L and Variability in Antibiotic Sensitivity of the Isolated Rhizobium
  21. Microbiology Research: Emerging Trends and Future Prospects


  1. Effect of Medicinal Plant Aloe Barbadensis on the Bacterium Escherichia Coli
  2. Antimicrobial Activity of Cissampelos Pareira Linn, Due to Presence of Alkaloids
  3. Antifungal Activity of Some Organic Volatile Compounds against Selected Keratinophilic Fungi
  4. Antimicrobial Activity of Sphaeranthus Indicus Linn, Due to Presence of Alkaloids
  5. Plant Extract as Antimicrobial Agent
  6. Surface Mycoflora Associated with the Seeds of Coriandrum Sativum and Foeniculum Vulgare
  7. Inhibitory Effect of Volatile Compounds on Certain Human Dermatophytic Fungi
  8. Efficacy of Crude Plant Extract against Dermatophytes and Keratinophilic Fungi
  9. Microbial Diversity in Areca-Nut Based Traditional Agroforestry System of North-East India
  10. Diversity of Geophilic Keratinophyles and Other Related Fungi in India
  11. Algal Growth in Grey P. V. C. Pipe
  12. Algal Growth in White Hard Stone
  13. Diversity of Keratinophilic Fungi from Various Tourist Places of Agra City
  14. Herbal Plants of Rajasthan Desert: A Potential Source of Anti Microbial Principles
  15. Microwave Assisted Synthesis Spectral and Antimicrobial Studies of Few Thiosemicarbazones
  16. Spectral and Antibacterial Investigation of Rare Earth Complexes


  1. Emerging Trends for Detection of Quantitative Trait Loci (Qtl) and Whole Genome Scanning Procedures in Farm Animals
  2. Emerging Trends on Functional Genomics in Farm Animals
  3. Milk: It's Biochemical and Microbiological Aspects
  4. Radiation and Cadmium Induced Biochemical Alterations in the Kidney of Swiss Albino Mice
  5. Serosurvillence of Brucella Antibodies in Human Beings of Bikaner Area
  6. Emerging Problem for Small Ruminants of Rajasthan: Peste Des Petits Ruminants (Ppr, Pest of Small Ruminants, Stomatitis- Pneumoenteritis Complex or Syndrome Pseudorinderpest of Small Ruminants and Kata)
  7. Allelochemicals as Antimicrobial Agent against Human Pathogenic Fungi
  8. Evaluation of Persistence of Igm Anti Hev in Patients with Sporadic Hepatitis E Virus Infection
  9. Evaluating Antimycotic Nature of Selected Medicinal Plants against Dermatophytes
  10. Evaluation of Persistence of Igm Anti Hev Antibodies in Patients with Sporadic Acute Hepatitis E
  11. Effect of Different Herbal Extracts against Urinary Tract Infections in Humans
  12. Overexpression and Purification of Devr Protein of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and its Analysis by Sds-Page
  13. Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of DNA from Human Blood Sample Stored At Different Temperature from Different Time Intervals
  14. Studies on the Evaluation of Direct Anti Salmonella Typhi Activity of Human Lymphocytes
  15. Evaluation of Analgesic Effect of Medicinal Plant Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum)


  1. Role of Salicylic Acid on Enzymes of Ammonia Assimilation in Eleased and Promising Cultivars of Grain Sorghum
  2. Effect of Naci and Polyethylene Glycol on the Metabolism of Setaria Italica
  3. Role of Uniconazole on the Activities of Certain Enzymes and Soluble Protein Content in Amaranthus
  4. Women Empowerment through Pleurotus Sajor-Caju Supplemented Biscuit Enterprise
  5. Monitoring of Herbicide (Maleic Hydrazide) Toxicity By Using Pollen as Indicators - Pollen of Five Cultivars of Apocynaceae
  6. Effect of Ethephon on the Activities of Ammonia Assimilation Enzymes and Metabolites of Cenchrus Setigerus - 76 Grown in Vivo
  7. Ethnomedicinal Survey of Plants Curing Respiratory Problem in Rajasthan
  8. Response of Pyrite and Molasses on Growth, Yield and Nutrients Composition of (Phaselous Mungo) Green Moong Under Saline Water Irrigation
  9. Subject Index