A Practical Manual Of Pharmaceutical Engineering By P.S.Sona

A Practical Manual Of Pharmaceutical Engineering By P.S.Sona A Practical Manual Of Pharmaceutical Engineering By P.S.Sona Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9789383828432

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A Practical Manual Of Pharmaceutical Engineering By P.S.Sona

Book Summary:

A Practical Manual of Pharmaceutical Engineering provides 50 relevant experiments covering almost all the topics of pharmaceutical engineering like heat transfer, mass transfer, flow of fluids, size reduction, size separation, mixing, sedimentation, humidity and air conditioning, drying, filtration, centrifugation, distillation, crystallization, evaporation, packaging materials and corrosion.The appendices provided with this book give easy references to common units and conversion factors, Tyler standard screen scale, alcoholimetric table, vapour pressure graphs of various mixtures, equilibrium data of distillation, specific heat and radiation constants of common materials, Moody's diagram and some other basic experimental procedures.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for academic requirements of pharmaceutical engineering students.The designed experiments in the book provide simple demonstrations for the conceptual understanding of pharmaceutical engineering.
Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1.Illustrations, model calculations and model graphs are provided wherever necessary.

2.Most of the experiments suggested by various universities have been included in this book.

Table of Contents:

1 Determination Of Radiation Constant Of Metal Cylinder

2 Determination Of Radiation Constant For Painted And Unpainted Metal Cylinders

3 Determination Of Overall Heat Transfer Co-Efficient

4 Determination Of Type Of Flow By Reynold S Apparatus

5 Determination Of Flow Rate By Direct Weighing Or Measuring

6 Determination Of Pressure Difference During Liquid Flow Using Simple Manometer

7 Determination Of Pressure Of Gas Flow By U Tube Manometer

8 Determination Of Pressure Of Gas Flow By Inclined Manometer

9 Determination Of Flow Of Fluid--Rotameter

10 Determination Of Frictional Pressure Loss During Fluid Flow Through A Pipe

11 Determination Of Coefficient Of Discharge By Orifice Meter

12 Determination Of Coefficient Of Discharge By Venturi Meter

13 Determination Of Efficiency Of A Centrifugal Pump

14 Determination Of Effect Of Number Of Balls On Grinding Operation Of Ball Mill

15 Determination Of Effect Of Time On Grinding Operation Of Ball Mill

16 Size Reduction-H

17 Particle Size Separation By Sieveing

18 Particle Size Separation - Beaker Decantation

19 Particle Size Separation By Sedimentation Method

20 Mixing-Determination Of Uniformity Index

21 Liquid-Liquid Mixing-Determination Of Uniformity Of Mixing

22 Determination Of Critical Point Of Setting-Sedimentation

23 Sedimentation-Effect Of Sedimentation Rate On Concentration

24 Determination Of Temperature Humidity Index-Thi

25 Determination Of Humidity By Psychrometric Method

26 Determination Of Humidity--Dew Point Method

27 Determination Of Relative Humidity By Wet Bulb Depression Method

28 Determination Of Relative Humidity By Sling Psychrometer

29 Drying-Determination Rate Of Drying

30 Drying-Comparison Of The Drying Pattern Of Solids

31 Determination Of Equilibrium Moisture Content

32 Filtration--Effect Of Filter Aids On Rate On Filtration

33 Effect Of Filter Aid Concentration On Rate Of Filtration

34 Evaluation Of Filter Media

35 Centrifugation--Determination Of The Yield Stress Of Centrifuged Cake

36 Centrifugation-Determination Of Centrifugal Effect

37 Simple Distillation-- Enthanol Water System

38 Determination Of Boiling Point Of The Components In A Liquid Mixture By Simple Distillation-

39 Determination Of Distillation Range In A Liquid Mixture Of Ethanol Water-Simple Distillation-

40 Steam Distillation--Determination Of Efficiency Of Distillation

41 Vacuum Distillation--Effect Of Vacuum On Distillation Of Aspirin Reaction Mixture

42 Determination Of Number Of Theoretical Plates-F Ractional Distillation

43 Crystallization By Cooling

44 Crystallization--Varification Of Material Balancing Equation

45 Evaporation--Evaluation Of Factors Affecting Rate Of Evaporation

46 Evaporation-Varification Of Material Balancing Equation

47 Evaluation Of Materials Used In Pharmaceutical Packaging--Corrugated Board

48 Evaluation Of Packaging-Glass

49 Determination Of Rate Of Corrosion--Tal Immersion Test

50 Determination Of Factors Affecting Corrosion Rate-Total Immersion Test