A Guide To Academic Research

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Publisher: Sanguine Publications
ISBN: 9789383506132

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Preface As a teacher, educational administrator and a research supervisor for almost four decades, many students and prospective researchers have contacted me on how to start on a research career in Engineering. Starting with the initial steps on applying for an admission to an institution of repute, preparation of a research proposal as part of the application, choice of institutions and guides, there are a large number of things that a young research aspirant has to get some guidance on. This book is an attempt to suggest answers to some of these questions. It is based on some lectures that the author has given to the students at different venues and institutions. In chapter one, the basic questions are addressed. The second chapter gives methods of finding suitable research literature using online resources. Use of online educational resources and content curation services are briefly dealt with in this chapter. Chapter three gives some tips on technical writing as different from other forms of writing including some typical problems faced by non-native speakers of English language. The fourth chapter is used to illustrate some ideas on seminar presentations. Parameters or criteria for assessing the quality of research are discussed in the fifth chapter. Research being a lonely affair, many are faced with several problems, sometimes personal. Based on studies made by academicians and from
A Guide to Academic Research
personal experiences, some suggestions are given in chapter six. Seventh chapter summarizes the major conclusions. Typical format for PhD Master s thesis is given in Appendix I followed by a list of websites of institutions for funding of research and travel grants in Appendix II. The author fervently hopes that this small book will prove to be useful to those who are interested in pursuing a career in research.
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