Heat And Mass Transfer

Heat And Mass Transfer
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Heat And Mass Transfer

ISBN: 9788174092908

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Preface To The Fourth Edition Heat and Mass Transfer is a comprehensive Text Book for B.Tech. B.E. students of all Universities and Institutions. It is also useful for candidates preparing for IES IAS GATE and other competitive examinations. The book in its present form contains twelve chapters comprising of Basic Concepts of Heat Transfer, General Heat Conduction Equation Steady State Heat Conduction Conduction with Internal Heat Generation Theory of Fins Unsteady State Conduction Forced Convection Free Convection Boiling and Condensation Thermal Radiation Heat Exchangers and Mass Transfer. The book contains a large number of solved and unsolved problems. Many problems have been taken from IES IAS Gate and other competitive examinations. Multi choice Questions from these examinations have been given at the end of the book with explanatory notes. These shall be quite helpful to the candidates preparing for these examinations. A large number of books were consulted during the preparation of manuscript. The author expresses his gratitude to all these publishers and authors. Although utmost care has been exercised during proof reading, still some errors might have been left inadvertently. The author and the publishers shall be thankful to the readers if these errors are brought to their knowledge. The author expresses his sincere thanks to his family members for their encouragement and support. My grand children Kanupreet and Amitoej have been a source of great inspiration during the writing of the book. The publishers provided the necessary help as and when required. The support provided by Mr. Vineet Khanna is duly acknowledged. The suggestions from the readers for the improvement of the book are welcome and shall be duly acknowledged. Dr. Sadhu Singh
Preface To The First Edition Heat transfer now forms an integral part of the curriculum of both mechanical and chemical engineering education. The subject is generally taken up towards the penultimate years so that the knowledge of basic mathematics including differential equations, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics may form the base for developing the varied approaches to the subject. Many texts follow the extremely rigorous approach, whereas others are restricted to elementary and empirical form. A conscious effort has been made in this text to maintain a reasonable level of rigour, but at the same time to apply simple techniques to solve fairly complex problems. A sound physical basis has been laid for obtaining the first estimate of the heat and mass transfer equipment. Also at the outset in the text, an approach based on electrical analogy has been emphasised, thus eliminating the confusion experienced by the readers in deriving expressions for overall heat transfer coefficients in compound thermal resistance and multi-mode