VTU eNotes On Database Management Systems (Computer Science)

VTU eNotes On Database Management Systems (Computer Science)
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VTU eNotes On Database Management Systems (Computer Science)

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content items and hierarchical levels, for example a database schema. In data processing, metadata is definitional data that provides information about or documentation of other data managed within an application or environment. The term should be used with caution as all data is about something, and is therefore metadata.
Database may be defined in simple terms as a collection of data
A database is a collection of related data.
The database can be of any size and of varying complexity.
A database may be generated and maintained manually or it may be computerized.
Database Management System
A Database Management System DBMS is a collection of program that enables user to create and maintain a database.
The DBMS is hence a general purpose software system that facilitates the process of defining constructing and manipulating database for various applications.
Characteristics of DBMS To incorporate the requirements of the organization, system should be designed for easy maintenance.
Information systems should allow interactive access to data to obtain new information without writing fresh programs.
System should be designed to co-relate different data to meet new requirements.

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