Comprehensive Physical Education Class-XII

Comprehensive Physical Education Class-XII
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Comprehensive Physical Education Class-XII

Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9788131808900

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PREFACE Citizenship qualities which are learned in the early years of a child s life will make him into a good responsible citizen and the Physical Education program provides practical experiences to prepare children who are the future citizens of this country, to become healthy, responsible and law abiding individuals. This book has given a broader knowledge of physical education from the scientific point of view and a deeper understanding that physical education is not only playing and developing a body but something deeper and more sustaining than that. Today s citizens are becoming aware of the need for achieving good health and vitality in order to cut down on doctors bills and also to be able to give their best to their jobs and society. So if during the formative years of the child s life the foundation is laid and gradually knowledge imparted it will help the child to achieve and live a better quality of life. This book I do hope will not only assist the children in their physical education syllabus but also throw light on the depth of the subject. AUTHOR
FOREWORD This new book, commissioned by the Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE , has been written specifically to provide background knowledge for those students in class 12 who have opted to pursue a course of study in physical education. It will be of particular help in preparing for the examination associated with this course of study. The study of physical education is as theoretical as it is practical. The intention of this book is to explore the understanding the theoretical principles through practical examples taken from various games and sports. It will help students learn about and understand the important knowledge, concepts and principals that underpin sport and physical education including developing an understanding of the physical, nutritional and psychological factors which influence and impact on young people s involvement in sport and activity. Principally the theoretical elements explore the areas of fitness and well being, planning in sports, sports environments, postures, yoga, sports and nutrition and the psychological aspects of physical education. Included in these sections are references to specific terminology, definitions, explanations and concepts. The range of games and activities that students can play is almost limitless. This book focuses on the fundamental techniques, tactics, strategies and rules needed to attain a high level of skill in some of the more well known, popular games and activities played by Indian students. These include the games of basketball, cricket, hockey, football, handball, volleyball, kabaddi and kho kho. The author, a senior Professor of Physical Education at Lakshmi Bai National University of Physical Education, Gwalior, has used her extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of this wide ranging subject to produce a comprehensive manual that will assist students in the scholarly pursuit of understanding and extending their knowledge of this multifaceted subject. My hope is that it will engage and motivate the reader to pursue the study of physical education beyond the examination into one of the new sports related careers emerging in the Indian workplace. I commend it to you.