Object-Oriented Programming C++ Simplified By Hari Mohan Pandey

Object-Oriented Programming C++ Simplified By Hari Mohan Pandey
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Object-Oriented Programming C++ Simplified By Hari Mohan Pandey

Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9789381159507

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About this eBook

Preface This book OBJECT-ORIENTED PROGRAMMING C SIMPLIFIED is a comprehensive, hands-on guide to C programming but one that doesn t assume you ve programmed before. People familiar with earlier programming or another structured programming language will, of course, have an easier time and can move through the early chapters quickly. Soon, you will write sophisticated programs that take full advantages of C s exciting and powerful object-oriented nature. You will start as a beginner and when you have finished this book, you will have moved far along the road to C mastery. I have tried hard to cover at the least the fundamentals of every technique that a C professional will need to master. I have also made sure to stress the new ways of thinking needed to master C programming, so even experts in more traditional programming languages can benefit from this book. I have taken this approach because trying to force C into the framework of older programming languages is ultimately self-defeating, you can t take advantage of its power if you continue to think within an older paradigm. To make this book even more useful, there are extensive discussions of important topics left out of most other introductory books. There are whole chapters on objects, including nontrivial examples of building your own objects with C . When I teach you process of inheritance at that time I have introduced you to develop C code on behalf of inherited diagrams. There is a chapter for input-output manipulators which shows you number of functions used in C for input output control. In the same chapter I teach you about manipulator and ways to develop your own manipulator. There is a whole chapter for miscellaneous new features of C . There is also a chapter on exception handling. The book has also dealt about keeping file information through the chapter File Handling. It also has chapters for Standard Template Library and for the String Class and a whole chapter for showing the hidden secrets of C . The book also includes lots of examples with step-by-step explanation and an extensive discussion of sorting and searching techniques and lots of tips and tricks. In sum, unlike many of the introductory books out there, I not only want to introduce you to a topic, but I go into it in enough depth that you can actually use the techniques for writing practical programs. Now a confession My original goal was to make this book a one-stop resource , but, realistically, C has gotten far too big and far too powerful for any one book to do this. Nonetheless, if you finish this book, I truly believe that you will be in a position to begin writing commercial-quality C programs True mastery will take longer. I have tried to give suggestions that can take you to next level.
Object-Oriented Programming C Simplified By Hari Mohan Pandey
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Publisher Laxmi Publications
ISBN 9789381159507
Author Hari Mohan Pandey
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